We Get the BEST Letters……Sometimes

1 July 2023

In the past I shared one of our WORST letters (June 2022) in which a concert attendee decided that our show was terrible. 


Better yet, let’s forget all about that one.

Most often, we get WONDERFUL, ENCOURAGING letters from people that know how to make us smile!  Here is an excerpt from one of those letters:

…….The reason I’m writing is because at today’s show you mentioned sending in requests. I met you this afternoon Jim, to not only to congratulate you on an amazing show but also to share with you how when my brother Matthew was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two in 1977 with doctors giving him a 10% chance to live, my mom wrote to John to let him know how inspiring his song “I Want to Live” was to her and to our family. John actually wrote back. My brother made it through and is alive and well and a proud father of four. That story has always been a part of our family history.

Unfortunately, my mom never was able to see John play live either. However, after seeing you today, I just bought two tickets for Sunday’s show in Lebanon as a surprise early Mother’s day present……..
Mike K.

That is only a small part of a WONDERFUL, ENCOURAGING letter from Mike K!  I am so happy to hear that brother Matthew beat the odds and has not only survived but lived to raise a family!  I’m also happy to hear that John Denver wrote back to Mike’s mother too. 

Is John Denver a part of YOUR family history?  Let me know in the comments below if you do! (Remember that the Captcha is case sensitive and NO spaces between characters)

And here is a YouTube video of Jim singing John Denver’s “I Want to Live”


  1. Posted by: Celeste johnson

    I am truly amazed,I’ve known john ally life since I was a baby back in 63 our parents were very.good friends and your just sound so much like john.i really enjoyed this video.i wish you would do concerts here in savannah,Ga.thank you for bringing so much joy to my heart

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Celeste, We do a few concerts in Georgia! Keep an eye on our website calendar or sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss the next one! We would love to see Savannah – hopefully a theater there will bring us in! Glad to hear you grew up with John and his family, how lucky you are!!

  3. Posted by: Detra and Bryan Morton

    Jim and Anne, we loved BOTH of the concerts we attended. One in Salem VA
    And one in W Jefferson NC. We are so thankful you were willing to sign our playbills after the
    Show in NC. We really enjoyed that you took time to just have casual conversation with us.
    We know you must have been exhausted. But getting to know you better was great. We have followed the band now for 10 years. We saw JD in concert 4 times and “Annie’s Song”
    Was played at our wedding in 1981. If you want to spend retirement in NC, we’d love to have you. Looking forward to your next trip our way,
    Detra and Bryan Morton
    Summerfield NC

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Detra and Bryan – we are thankful that you took the time to hang around and talk! Not ready to retire yet – but NC sounds GREAT!! (So does retirement!! Lol!) See you next time!

  5. Posted by: Margie Hoff

    What a great present for someone who never got to see John in concert!
    Regarding negative comments, I went with a co-worker and his wife to a John Denver concert in Fresno, CA. They did not like the concert since John sang new stuff and not just the cookie cutter hits. Can’t win for losing!
    You are in GREAT company!

    Miss you.

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Hey Margie!! Miss you too! We will have to make a stop sometime at your house, get the pool ready!! Thanks for the comment. We are reminded that we can’t make everyone happy, so we will keep trying to please most of them! Be well!

  7. Posted by: Connie Burgett

    I don’t have a story like the one from the man who’s brother beat the odds and got a personal letter from John . But I was raised in the days of John Denver his music influenced my generation ( I’m 70 years young) when I was given tickets to see him perform in chickasha ok , I almost didn’t go … but I did and I’m so happy I did ! I will never forget the show and the feeling that I was there to be renewed in my heart. And that’s what I walked away with a beautiful renewal. Thank you all for your wonderful gifts and performances, you bring joy and light into our lives.❣️❣️ Connie B.

  8. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Connie! I’ll bet there are thousands of people out there that would have LOVED to have gotten a personal letter from John Denver! Glad you got to see John in a live concert, I saw him twice and Jim 3 times. Renewal is a beautiful description of how you feel after a concert – he had that gift. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  9. Posted by: Norman Ashby

    Hi Annie John & all the band members,
    I would like to say that I love to listen to all the music you play and what a great job you do.

    John Denvers music has always ment a lot to me and he inspired me to learn the guitar and banjo, I am retired now and like to spend time teaching anyone who wants to give it a try! It doesn’t matter how old you are it’s never too late, and the songs are always a pleasure to play and share with everyone.
    Storming Norman from France.

  10. Posted by: Anne

    Thank you so much Norman! Keep on Storming in France!

  11. Posted by: Irene Niemeyer

    Anne, thank you always for your blog! The song Jim sings is beautiful and he makes it powerful and it gave me goosebumps, just because he has a great voice all on his own. John would be very proud I’m sure. Love hearing all of you preform!!!!

  12. Posted by: Anne

    Thank you Irene!

  13. Posted by: Michele Miller

    I loved this YouTube video of Jim singing “I Want to Live.” It is one of my all time favorites!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Ocala in September!

  14. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Michele! Glad you liked it, it’s really a GREAT song! See you soon!

  15. Posted by: Todd Long

    I loved seeing the patriotic photo on the blogs of your concert in Janesville WI a few years ago. So glad to see you and visit that evening.

  16. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Todd! Thanking for taking the picture and I’m sorry the photo credit didn’t show….I should have checked it! Fond memories of July in Janesville!

  17. Posted by: Sue Bonnette

    I never got to see John Denver if I came real close. He played a week prior to the fact that I read the brochure in Newport Rhode Island somewhere near there. I love seeing you guys in concert it makes me feel like I get to live the life I wanted to see him John Denver. I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to see a few of your shows and look forward to seeing a few more.

  18. Posted by: Anne

    We are glad too!! Thank you for coming to our concerts and joining our JD family!

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"It was a real trip down memory lane. ... Jim Curry was over there sounding like John Denver. A couple of times I closed my eyes and went back 15 years. It was strange and cool at the same time.". . .

Pete Huttlinger
Played guitar for John Denver, Nashville, TN

"It was an amazing evening. We have had many different performers at our conferences; The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, Three Dog Night, America. Jim Curry ranks among these acts. I would book Jim and his band again in a heartbeat."

Daniel Young
Corporate Function, Keystone, CO


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