Tall Turkey Tale

29 November 2021

In honor of the traditional ”Texas Tall Tale”, I will tell you the story of a remote restaurant in a land called West Texas.

True Story:    This past November, on our way to Lubbock we stopped at a diner in West Texas….a place full of character and authenticity.  There were statues of armadillos and longhorn cattle scattered around the grounds outside. 

A real cowboy was somewhere inside eating lunch…his horse was saddled and waiting patiently in the stock trailer hitched to a truck.

We went inside and ordered our lunch. While we were waiting, Diane and I decided to check out the little gift shop they had in the front.  We spotted a turquoise turkey….  It was unique and whimsical, a special kind of bird you would put out for Thanksgiving (which was coming soon) and we both were looking for ideas and decorations.  I mean, what says “Thank you for our bountiful blessings” better than a turquoise turkey?

In the spirit of the harvest we went closer to see if we could afford this glorious bird.  No price tag was in sight, so we carefully picked it up and turned it upside down, as sometimes stores place the price tag on the bottom of an item not to mar the top.

We didn’t notice, but an old cowboy was watching us search the underside of the prize turkey.  As he passed us, he paused and said, “It’s a boy ma’am” and he sauntered out the door.

The entire room burst out in laughter and Diane and I, red faced, turned the bird back upright and gently set it down.    

We both had humble pie for lunch.


  1. Posted by: Betty Stewart

    Soooo funny. Love reading about y’all’s adventures while sharing your music.
    See y’all in Tomball in Feb ❤️✔️

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Betty! Glad you like the blog!! See you Soon!

  3. Posted by: Marty Moss

    Anne – That old cowboy really gave you the bird…although I suppose you could say that you and Diane “flipped the bird”.

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Marty, you are right on both observations!

  5. Posted by: Patricia Anderson

    That is a really odd looking turkey how did it become a turquoise turkey?

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Patricia – I really don’t know the significance of a turquoise turkey, but it sure was beautiful!

  7. Posted by: Gayle Faget

    Too funny! Another great story from the road, Anne! That’s a beautiful turkey; I’ll bet it was pricey.

  8. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Gayle – we will never know the price!! But the story is priceless!!

  9. Posted by: Michel Emrich

    Jim, Anne and band,
    Just left your concert in Hartford, WI. Loved every minute of it. You guys do such a great job!
    As I said the you, Wondering Soul always makes me cry and you did such a great job. I do have your latest CD and love it. Your own songs like Queens Anne Lave and Take me with you(?) are beautiful! Until we meet again. Stay safe and have a great Holiday!

  10. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Michel, We were so happy to see you in Hartford! It feels like home there, we love the city and the theater! Thank you for coming to the show…we are glad you are enjoying the CD, have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Posted by: GEORGE M COLVIN

    I can just hear Sam Elliott saying that to you. Great Actor. Lives in Palm Springs.Married to Katharine Ross.

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