Spotting an Oxymoron

2 July 2021

Words Are Fun!  Especially when they contradict each other…..One of the things I love most about songs is the way the words fit with the music.  I tend to prefer songs with lyrics over instrumentals, and I prefer words with music over poetry.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like instrumentals or poetry, I just prefer when they are masterfully fitted together in a song.

I also like it when words are fitted together to make nonsense, this is called an oxymoron.  In Latin, the word oxymoron is an actual oxymoron: ‘oxy’ meaning sharp and ‘moron’ meaning dull.  I first heard the word from the late great comedian George Carlin and my favorite oxymoron is ‘jumbo shrimp’.

Sanitary Sewer? Really?

As we tour around the country, the band and I enjoy wordplay and we all appreciate a funny turn of phrase.  Drummer Gene started taking pictures of funny signs years ago, and we continue to point out funny signs when we see them:

A Dentist named ‘Just in Pain’….hahahah!  I wonder if all his appointments are at 2:30 (tooth hurtie!)  Bwahahahahah!!! I crack myself up.

I’d love it if you would post an oxymoron or a silly turn of phrase.  These are public posts so nothing naughty!

Here’s a hint for that dang captcha:  no spaces, case sensitive.


  1. Posted by: Marty Moss

    Anne – Here are three for you:

    1. Orthopedic Surgeon in Beverly Hills (who took care of my whiplash after I had been rear-ended many years ago): Dr. (Barry) Braiker.

    2. Foreign Car mechanic in West Hollywood for many years: George Axelrod.

    3. Power hitters (but not so good with the glove): Cecil and Prince Fielder (father and son).

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