Gettin’ Bedazzled

27 October 2021


It is time for new jewelry.  I KNOW most of us girls like to wear sparkly things….but since I’m on stage quite a bit, I have a duty to all womankind to be as “bedazzily” as possible, right?…….That’s what I tell myself.

Those of you who know me, know that my son owns a small retail store in Boise, Idaho (Molly’s Healthy Pet Food Market….plug, plug, plug) and that I’m a big proponent of buying local and supporting small business whenever possible.  In addition, I love to support artists.  While I was thinking about new jewelry, I was happy to discover that a friend of mine in California has a sister-in-law in Connecticut that makes jewelry!  AND…..we just happened to be going to Connecticut to do a show, so I promised to visit my friend’s sister at her studio.

I went with the whole band to meet Jean Gresham at her studio and gave us a tour and showed us how she makes some of the beautiful items she sells.  Diane and I bought some dichroic glass necklaces and earrings so we would be all set for our next show (and then some)!   Dichroic glass has metal in it, which makes it very sparkly, and the colors are gorgeous!

We had a wonderful day, and Jean was very generous with her time, explaining how her pieces were made and which ones were her favorite.  We admired her talent, skill and her artistic eye.  Jean has her art available online so you don’t have to go to Connecticut to purchase some art for yourself or a gift for someone else (Check out the plates!) but if you ARE lucky enough to live near Guilford, CT you can attend classes and Jean will teach you how to make your own glass art! 

Next time you come to a show, I’ll be wearing my new jewelry so you will be BE-DAZZLED!

Thank you Jean!

Visit Jean at The Quonset Hut Shops – 20c Church Street in Guilford, CT


Visit Jean’s website and pick out something for Christmas!!



  1. Posted by: Jackie brown

    Really enjoyed your show in West Point va tonight hoping l can get a ticket for the matthews va show tomorrow your husband is John Denver amazing but you sweet Ann and Diane and Tom are incredible talented l am now one of your biggest fans is

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Jackie! Great to have a new fan, you’re part of the family now!!

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Steve Weisberg
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Gail Silva
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