Jim Curry's John Denver Concerts

Jim Curry and Band Present the Music of John Denver in Goodyear, Arizona- A Private Concert

Saturday Jan 13 2024 - 12:01 pm

This is a private concert!

Why post a private concert?

We post them just in case –  a buyer might see that we are in the area and want to book us for a public concert!

Buyers:  contact anne@jimcurrymusic.com


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"As John Denver's former drummer and percussionist, working with Jim Curry has kept alive for me how it was playing with John. Jim has stayed true to John’s music and vision. It is a pleasure working with Jim and Anne Curry."

Richie Gajate Garcia
John Denver's Percussionist

"The physical resemblance is amazing: the voice is unbelievable. If John Denver were alive today, he'd want to hear his songs performed by Jim Curry."

Christina Chanes Nystrom
City News