Jim Curry's John Denver Concerts

Blue Water Weekend in Monterey, CA – Beach Location of John Denver Album Cover Photo Shoot

Saturday Oct 12 2013 - 3:00 pm

Monterey - Stewarts beach John Denver resizedDescription:  The last Photo Session John Denver did was with photographer Tom O’Neil at Stewart Beach for a 5   album set released about a year before John died.  Meet photographer Valerie Nestrick at Stewart Beach, bring your    camera and Valerie will take a picture of you at the same location.

Time:   3:00pm

Where: Intersection at the end of Ocean View Avenue and Scenic Road in Carmel (about 10 min from Monterey)     Park on the side streets, Scenic Road is too narrow to park on.

Tickets:  No tickets, no charge

RSVP-Questions: RSVP with host Valerie Nestrick: vettrek@aol.com so she can be looking for you.

Corner of Ocean View Ave and Scenic Road, Corner of Ocean View Avenue and Scenic Road, Carmel, CA,

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"As John Denver's former drummer and percussionist, working with Jim Curry has kept alive for me how it was playing with John. Jim has stayed true to John’s music and vision. It is a pleasure working with Jim and Anne Curry."

Richie Gajate Garcia
John Denver's Percussionist

"I have to tell you I don't know when we've enjoyed a show as much as we enjoyed yours. It just swept us away and we did not want it to end! You are all so gifted. And the music of John Denver speaks for itself. It touches the heart."

Julie Coletta,
Tiffin, OH