I wrote in my last blog that we have driven across this country 5 times this year.  Since then, Jim and I did one more trip – California to Georgia and Ohio, then back West to Colorado.  It wasn’t the greatest trip ever.  In fact, every long driving day we planned was made much longer […]

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2 September 2021

While riding across the great state of Texas in our trusty van Kirby (we call it Kirby because the van is so long you have to be extra careful making a turn, lest you catch the back wheel on a curb). …..….Where was I? Oh yah, while riding (and sometimes driving) across the great state […]

We are going to find out first-hand what our future will be, as we venture into the unique experience of returning to live performance venues after a world-wide pandemic. Either by Government mandate, by committee or self-imposed, most of the venues (places where we perform) are still under restrictions – opening cautiously with limited seating […]


"To date, the best performance we have had. Your Tribute show is fantastic & your band is excellent."

Gail Silva
City of Los Alamitos, CA

"I’ve been booking bands here for eleven years and yours was the first standing ovation! We want you back next year!"

Sherry Murphy
City of Dana Point, CA


2009-kansas-city-symphopny-jim-curry-and-conductor-lee-holdridge-photo-by-pat-hier october-2007-jim-curry-backstage-with-dick-and-diane-kniss-photo-by-lance october-2007-jim-curry-john-stewart-and-jim-connor-rehearse-before-the-show-photo-by-lance JimCurry12string2 jim-with-guitarphoto-by-valerie-nestrick-600x800 31-GreenBayWIOct16