Randy Sparks passed away this past February 11, 2024, at the age of 90. Randy was a colorful and influential person in the Folk Music Industry.  He was also very personable and approachable, and he LOVED to tell stories.  One of the stories he told us (and many others over the years) was the story […]

Don’t panic!  I am still singing harmony and playing backup in Jim Curry’s John Denver Tribute Show! What I meant to say is that I have taken on a new responsibility in our shows, Here’s why: Many of you already know that our wonderful flautist and business partner, Diane Ireland, just retired and is managing […]

Thanks Chevrolet!

11 December 2023

Just in case you haven’t already seen this commercial – I am featuring it in my blog this Holiday season. Underneath the heartfelt, tear-jerking message, is the joy we felt hearing the music they used to bring their message home. Thanks Chevrolet! We already knew that John Denver wrote the sound track of our lives…..it’s […]

Some Sketchy Hotels!

21 November 2023

It’s time to begin our Christmas tour!  This year, we are driving from home base in California to shows in Michigan (Dec 2) Texas (Dec 16) back to California (Dec 20) and Arizona (Dec 23).  The show in California is technically not a Christmas show – the promoter wanted to celebrate John Denver’s 80th birthday […]

From sea to shining sea, life is a beach….at least it is on the edges! Although we live on the Pacific side – seems we’ve been spending a lot of time closer to the Atlantic.  We recently visited beaches in Norfolk, Virginia and in Outer Banks, North Carolina.  Outer banks is the area where Orville […]

This is the Blog

29 September 2023

Hello my friends, Lately, a couple of people have asked me the difference between my blog and the newsletter.  Sorry, I haven’t really thought about what the difference is, but they ARE very different!!  Both are published about the same time every month BUT……… The Blog:  The Newsletter So now you know!  If you want […]

Happy Labor Day!

31 August 2023

Labor Day is almost here! I asked google what was the significance of Labor Day because I have been observing Labor Day for many, many years without really knowing what I was commemorating.  First off, it feels like an oxymoron to celebrate a holiday called Labor Day by not working….just saying. When I looked it […]

A familiar looking couple came up to me after one of our recent shows to say hi.  It was Jerry and Sherry, and we hadn’t seen each other since 2014!   The last time we were together was at an event called “Blue Water Weekend” a memorial gathering of John Denver fans in Monterey Bay, California.  […]

In the past I shared one of our WORST letters (June 2022) in which a concert attendee decided that our show was terrible.  https://www.jimcurrymusic.com/what-weve-learned-from-ricky-nelson-click-for-more/ Better yet, let’s forget all about that one. Most often, we get WONDERFUL, ENCOURAGING letters from people that know how to make us smile!  Here is an excerpt from one of […]

The recent news of the passing of Tina Turner (May 24, 2023) had me looking for the television special “John Denver and the Ladies” where John performed one of his songs with Tina Turner.  I had forgotten about the little ‘shtick’ they did when John introduced Tina….very iconic of the silly stuff that television producers […]


"It was one of the best programs we have had here and I hope you will come back up next year. The sound and look were perfect and my friends talked all night about how much enjoyment and sentiment your show gave us."

Bob Hartunian
Fawnskin, CA.

"As John Denver's former drummer and percussionist, working with Jim Curry has kept alive for me how it was playing with John. Jim has stayed true to John’s music and vision. It is a pleasure working with Jim and Anne Curry."

Richie Gajate Garcia
John Denver's Percussionist


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