Anne Gets a New Job…..

26 January 2024

One of My Many Tasks on Stage: Making Jim Laugh!

Don’t panic!  I am still singing harmony and playing backup in Jim Curry’s John Denver Tribute Show!

What I meant to say is that I have taken on a new responsibility in our shows,

Here’s why:

Many of you already know that our wonderful flautist and business partner, Diane Ireland, just retired and is managing her arthritis more comfortably at home rather than in a bouncy van.  What many of you DON’T know is that Diane, in addition to playing the flute during our shows, also pushed the button that started the videos we show during each song.

This button-pushing job sounds easy…heck…what could be hard about pushing a button? 

Let me tell you that what Diane did flawlessly for so many years comes off a little less polished when I’m in charge!  I must REMEMBER to push the button at the beginning of the song or I will mess up the timing of the images.  For instance, when we are singing about eagles, we want to see eagles!  When the dolphin jumps out of the water and spins, it should be at the exact moment the music swells……if he’s late, it’s MY fault.

The button must be pushed when the song begins, not two seconds before or after.  IF I FORGET…….. I can’t skip ahead or fast-forward.  If I forget to push the button at the beginning of a song, the video will lag behind.  The eagles will be late, the horses will be late and the dolphin…….well, he will be jumping out of the water and giving me a dirty look!

This is a LOT of pressure!  Let me tell you that in the history of doing our shows for the past 25 years, I have learned how to perform every single song in every single show by NOT PUSHING A BUTTON AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY SONG!!  Let me also tell you that I have other things to think about and other buttons to push (mute button, tuner button, etc), not to mention remembering lyrics and chords and smiling and not falling down and all the other important stuff!

As old dogs go, I’m pretty much out of tricks.  I think the saying goes that old dogs CAN learn new tricks, but it takes them longer to learn. 

Soooooo….. Here’s to learning, and here’s to my new button-pushing future!


  1. Posted by: AJ DEYOUNG

    My friends and I want to see you again at Pala, for first time since 2019, the man that is Dean Martin was there, the crowd needs to see you there and so do we even though we saw you at Solana Beach. I bought both your CDS there and I play nothing but your own tape over and over, I love each one, so soothing to drive with, Queen Ann’s Lace and the others.

    Pala needs you, maybe give them a call, may be new people in charge of shows since covid.
    Aj deyoung

  2. Posted by: Anne

    AJ – did you get my email? PALA did try to bring us in but we were not available on the day they wanted. They said they would keep trying and get us in on another date. Glad you like our cds, I especially love “Queen Anne’s Lace” such a good song written by Jim Salestrom!

  3. Posted by: Aileen

    Anne, that sounds ridiculously hard. Heaven help you if your mind wanders, wondering if the sky is still blue or if the grass is green! I feel for you. Diane was more of a super woman than I ever knew. Have her send you her invisible cape. That should make it easier!

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Aileen – My mind does wander, lol! Diane is there in spirit (probably laughing) watching to see my new appreciation for the job she had.

  5. Posted by: Dave Wilson

    Many people don’t realize all the effort it takes to put on a good show. A whole lot of time and effort. I’m just very glad to see the great success you and Jim have had on this venture and hope it goes as long as you can keep performing.

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Dave, So good to hear from you!! As a performer, you would absolutely know what goes into putting on a good show! Hopefully, some day we will get out to Idaho – believe it or not we are still hoping to book there !!

  7. Posted by: Bob Singer

    I have absolute confidence in your button pushing capability! See you in a few weeks…but will be watching those buttons carefully . Tell Diane I said hello. Bob

  8. Posted by: Anne

    We will be looking for you Bob! Thanks for that vote of confidence!

  9. Posted by: Melodee Fox

    We love your concerts, whether or not the buttons get pushed exactly at the right time or not!! You guys are great and we have been fans for so many years. We saw you at a festival in Ontario, California in the early 2000s, any times in Sierra Madres, and lots more! Keep up the good work and the music of John Denver and Jim Curry!!!

  10. Posted by: Anne

    Melodee: Thank you!! Look for our show this summer in Rancho Cucamonga at the Lewis Playhouse in Victoria Gardens! We are working on more in the Long Beach/San Pedro area!

  11. Posted by: Todd Long

    My parents are looking forward to seeing you in Florida

  12. Posted by: Anne

    Todd: What a wonderful surprise! We will be looking for your parents and happy to see them!!

  13. Posted by: Diane Flowers

    It was really nice meeting you and Jim at the AMT show. My friend, Kathy Grim, told me I would love it and she was right. I also loved the DVD “Such A Wild Place”. Thank you and take care.

  14. Posted by: Anne

    Great to meet you Diane! Glad you loved the show and “Such a Wild Place”!

  15. Posted by: Bob Smith

    Hello Sweet Anne. What could go wrong – right???
    A year + we felt lead to move to a small church just across the Oregon border (into CA.) And yes I am blessed to continue to serve on the Worship Team with my bass guitar. The location (near Pelican Bay) is tucked back in the redwoods and is a small building. We have some wonderful people serving. And the sound tech and media tech are in a small room in the back. The words are projected on a screen in front and above us. Well????? The projector is operating via WiFi signal. Now having a location so beautiful and remote has it’s challenges with WiFi signals and once in a while the media tech “pushes the button” to turn to the next slide ….. and nothing happens!! Of course our instincts are to push the button again just in case. Then when the signal comes back you may be on time or a slide ahead!!! My heart breaks for that person because many a time people think it’s their fault!! They truly are doing their best.
    Thought you would appreciate this story! Blessings to you and Jim

  16. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Bob! New technology is wonderful…until it doesn’t work…right? Every time we add a gadget we take a chance that something will glitch.

  17. Posted by: Kenneth Hart

    Hi Jim and Anne, I’ve been going to concerts for many years. I believe my first was The Diamonds from At The Hop fame. I have seen so many great singers but never got to see John Denver live in concert. Your performance when I saw you in Laconia, NH last year was definitely a HIGH point for my listening pleasure. Everything about you is John Denver for me and I thank you for bringing him to all who loved him. Hoping to see you in 2024 and thereafter! Love you guys! Ken

  18. Posted by: Anne

    Kenneth! I’m so confused…we’ve never played in Laconia!!! Perhaps a different show??

  19. Posted by: Jim Lewis

    Hi Anne. I hadn’t heard about Diane retiring. She will certainly be missed. Pat and I enjoyed spending time with her and Jim on the Panama Canal Cruise in January 2020 when you were sick. We will see you February 24 in Florida. I hope you have the timing down perfectly by then. The videos add so much to the experience of the show.

  20. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Pat and Jim! Diane says hi! We still spend a lot of time together – Diane still works closely with us booking our shows. I’m working on that timing! I think I will be ready by Feb 24! See you then!

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