Jim Curry Biography

Jim Curry, after being awarded a full Rotary International scholarship to study music and voice and being selected to sing as the voice of John Denver in the CBS Television Movie “Take Me Home, the John Denver Story,” there was no doubt that he would continue to sing the praises and songs of America’s Troubadour – John Denver. As a life-long fan, Curry dedicated himself to continue John Denver’s legacy of songs and his message of love and caring for our planet to future generations.

Since 2002 the combined talents of Jim and his band have brought John’s Music back to thousands upon
thousands of people. Jim is honored to have had John Denver band members join him in some of the most prestigious venues in the country. Curry also works behind the scenes to preserve Denver’s music. Most notable is Jim’s collaboration with Lee Holdridge in rebuilding and preserving Denver’s original symphony arrangements.

Jim Curry was a key performer in the induction of John Denver to the Colorado Music Hall of fame show hosted by Olivia Newton John. Curry was also the host of the official John Denver Estate show which toured the United States and Australia.

Jim’s latest project is titled “Such a Wild Place” and was produced by two of John Denver’s band members, Pete Huttlinger and Chris Nole. It includes four original songs co-written by Jim Curry and also includes three unreleased songs written by John Denver.

Jim continues to perform John Denver’s heartfelt songs in Symphony halls and in Performing Arts Centers to growing audiences all over the world.

“Jim Curry was over there sounding like John Denver. A couple of times I closed
my eyes and went back 15 years.”

Pete Huttlinger, Guitar player for John Denver, Nashville, TN


“It was an amazing evening! We have had many star performers; The Beach
Boys, Tony Bennett, Three Dog Night and America. Jim Curry ranks among the
best we’ve ever had.”

Daniel Young, Thrivent Corporation, Keystone, CO


 “As the intro to “Country Roads” began the audience roared and rose to their feet. People were singing, dancing, and clapping along. It was clear that people were anticipating this song and when the moment arrived they couldn’t stay seated. I loved it. It was my favorite part of the show. I have to hand it to Jim Curry. He played that perfectly. He set the audience up perfectly and then totally delivered when he ultimately played “Country Roads”. When the song was over Curry, his band, and the Utah Symphony received their largest and longest ovation of the evening. It was well deserved”

-Kevin – Utah Concert Review


"I cannot wait for our market to hear Jim’s voice; it truly is spot-on and a beautiful tribute to John’s music."

Lori Kirby, Marketing Director
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc, WI

"It was a heavenly evening of beautiful music, a shining tribute to John Denver, one of which I believe Denver himself would salute."...

R.V. Hight
The Sanford Herald, Greensboro, NC