Yet Another Helpful Travel Tip

31 January 2018

As we go along our merry way, spreading cheer and good will…….

We are reminded that we have a duty to share our experiences, good and bad, that others might learn.

In these blogs I have occasionally included helpful travel tips that our friends can use to better their traveling experiences.  I’ve written about cheap hotels (don’t do it!) chalk outlines in the parking lot (run away!) and creative ways to keep the curtains closed, etc.  All good and necessary information for the inexperienced traveler.

The featured traveling tip this month is very important, dare I say it, LIFE SAVING, information. 

Here it is:     Never, NEVER, ever……EVER………never trust the hotel iron……NEVER EVER! 


Those hotel irons are abused by people who possibly never have traveled and have never used an iron in their life.  They open their suitcases and find out that their clothing is all wrinkled – maybe a formal for a wedding, a dress shirt for a business meeting, whatever – the clothes need to be ironed. 

Unfortunately, many times, an unpracticed iron-er will melt or burn their clothing with an iron.  The evidence is on the iron, and it will be transferred on to YOUR clothing!   And it’s very easy for the housemaids to overlook the condition of the iron, especially when the guilty party sneaks the ruined iron back into the closet hoping no one notices the black stuff on it (or the melted hole in their tuxedo!)

Always look at a hotel iron before you use it.  Heat it up on steam cycle, press and drag it hard onto a damp washcloth to be sure nothing transfers from the iron!  You will thank me……

Happy traveling!


  1. Posted by: Howard and Patricia Reeves

    We have seen you twice and hope to see you again soon. We Love you guys.

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Thank you!!!! Look forward to seeing you again!

  3. Posted by: BJ Haussler

    Hey Anne! Always good to read your blogs and see where you folks are, doing what you do best. One day I’ll see you in person and my heart looks forward to that..So, IRONING?! I thought that “I’M” one of the few left in our world who does that. LOL True it is.what you said about hotel irons and after much travel for work over the years I took along my collapsible personal iron. I actually ‘like’ to iron. ☺ Prayers on the Wind to you all for living your dream and sharing it with our world. SHINE ON !!!!!!!! OXO

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hey BJ!! So good to hear from you! You LIKE to iron??? Well, I guess I do too, at least I like the way they remove the wrinkles left from suitcases packed in a humid climate! Thank you, we will SHINE ON!!!!

  5. Posted by: Don Stover

    Hey Ann,
    Nice t-shirt!
    We hope to have you, Jim and the rest of the band, come visit us in Rapid City again sometime in the near future.
    Thank you for keeping me on you mailing list. I enjoy keeping up with your travels.
    Another Alaska cruise soon?

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Hey Don Stover! Glad you like the shirt! We are awaiting an invite to return to the Corn Palace – if they do we are sure to go!

  7. Posted by: Don Plugge

    I like to read about your trips and places you’ve been…We stopped at a hotel once and there was a half eaten pizza in the drawer….another hotel in Texas when we were on a two week t rip
    iin the army reserves. a lot of cars there…but in the morning we were the only car there….there were holes in the wall and we slept on the spread…love your music and your music friends…don

  8. Posted by: Anne

    Yep, you’ve gotta pick your hotels carefully!

  9. Posted by: Kathy

    Anne, Any way you could share all of your travel tips that you’ve used and posted thus far?
    I find them helpful.

  10. Posted by: Anne

    I will go into the archives and see if I can retrieve them…good idea for next month’s blog, thank you!

  11. Posted by: Diane Muzzey

    Love your ironing tip! See, I DO read your blogs! Hope to see you around Chicago area again this year; I keep watching your schedule for anything within reach; you guys are awesome. Safe travels!

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