Where’s Brian?

29 March 2019

Most of you already know that Jim and I have 2 boys.  At our concerts, that is our #2 most frequently asked question (Do you have children?) – following our #1 most frequently asked question (Is that Jim’s real hair?) 

Yes we have two amazing, smart, funny boys, Matthew and Brian.  Until recently, both lived at home with us in So Cal, and it is very convenient with our crazy travel schedule to have things getting taken care of at home. 

Matthew, Brian, Jim and Anne

But there have been some changes in the Curry family and now people are asking, “Where is Brian?” 

In the past, Brian was always easy to find.  6 years ago he opened a pet food store, so you could pretty much count on knowing where to find Brian anytime during business hours.  Sometimes I would go to the store and help out, but most of the time it was Brian behind the counter.

Brian and Anne at the Pet Food Store in California

For 6 years Brian operated his business in Southern California, but at the end of last year he got the opportunity to move to Idaho and open a pet food store there.  It all happened pretty fast, but sometimes in business you have to move quickly when the right opportunity comes along.

Molly’s Healthy Pet Food Store in Downtown Boise, Idaho

So now Brian co-owns and operates Molly’s Healthy Pet Food Market, a brand new store in downtown Boise, Idaho.  The store is off to a good start and Brian is very comfortable living in Boise.  We miss him a LOT, but we are happy that he is happy and of course we will be visiting as much as we can.

So, if you live near Boise, drop in and say “Hi” to Brian! He is very likely to be at the store and is always ready and willing to answer any pet food related questions.


  1. Posted by: Carol A Snow

    Brian…such good news! Boise is a perfect city for you to be establishing roots. Proud of you! Huge Congratulations!

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Carol, I think Boise is perfect for Brian too! I’ll relay your message – not sure he reads Mom’s blogs. Haha!

  3. Posted by: Pat Sladky

    How I love reading your blog! I wish Brian all the best in Idaho. What a wonderful opportunity–so many people are moving there. It’s been a while since you have performed where I live in Sun City Lincoln Hills, and am thrilled to learn you will be here August 23 to perform at our Summer Concern Series. My birthday is August 20 and I can’t think of a better birthday present than attending your concert–I’m excited!

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Pat, Thanks for reading!! Happy Birthday to you on Aug 20!! Looking forward to seeing you in Lincoln Hills!

  5. Posted by: Steve Seufert

    Best of luck to Brian!
    Hope all is going well.
    I am close to a full recovery after heart bypass surgery last October. Tana was diagnosed with breast cancer December of 2017. A very small tumor was discovered and removed. With some radiation, she is cancer free!!
    We are both hoping for a much better year to come!

    Take care,

    Steve Seufert

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Steve! So glad to hear that you are recovering well and Tana is free from cancer! Yes, have a MUCH BETTER year and I hope we can see you sometime!

  7. Posted by: Mallia Leonhard

    Hi Anne- My husband and I moved from California to Eagle, Idaho (a suburb of Boise)
    just over a year ago. We love our new life up here in Idaho so can totally understand why Brian is happy here also. Downtown Boise is a happening area!

    We moved from the Del Webb community in Lincoln Hills California where we saw Jim and the band perform twice – absolutely loved your concerts !!

    So my question to you is when are you going to perform here in the Boise area?
    I can’t imagine yet you would have any difficulty selling your show up here……I guess the challenge is finding the right venue. I know all of our new friends here would definitely go after they hear me talk the show up☺️
    Besides now that you have family here, it is the perfect place to come visit and perform

    Hope to see you all up here sometime

  8. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Mallia! We are going to be doing another show in Lincoln Hills this summer in the amphitheater! Believe it or not, we have been trying to do shows in Boise for many years now. We get just so close, then something happens and it never goes to contract! The challenge is finding a venue that will hire us, and I’m thinking (but no one has ever told me this) that flying us all into Boise is maybe too expensive for the venues there?? I don’t know, venues all over the country hire us to do shows, but none in Boise yet! We will keep trying. We have several friends out there trying to convince the buyers to bring us in. I’ve heard that Eagle is a great place to live, we will visit Eagle next time we get out there.

  9. Posted by: Rita MacLean

    Congrats Brian! What a great opportunity to make a difference by pampering pets in Boise. Is the Pet Emporiam still open? Curry’s, you have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  10. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Rita! Pet Food Emporium is still open and operating in Downtown Upland, CA under new ownership. Thanks for reading, hope to see you maybe in Aspen this Fall???

  11. Posted by: Carol Ann Devlin

    So glad to hear that your concerts are SOLD OUT! OMG! That’s wonderful…..sonds like you’ve been busy pulling weeds…why can’t the plants we actually put in the ground have the same long roots as the weeds…..their roots never seem to end.
    My onions are doing good….no actual onions on the top though like the pictures you sent me.
    I hope to have a bumper crop and I’ll use in soups, salads, etc….I hope to dry some too.
    After a good rain, it’s the best time to pull weeds.
    Keep the music going…..AND If we’re ever in Boise, Idaho we’ll look up Brian.
    You can’t deny that boy…..he looks so much like both of you.
    Safe travels and keep spreading John Denver’s music.
    Carol Devllin, an avid fan

  12. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Carol! Just wait, if you don’t eat all of the onions you will soon see the little ones forming at the top. You can cook those or put them back in the ground for more onions! I can’t believe all the weeds in my yard, they are defeating my enthusiasm and making my hands sore! We don’t get enough rain so I have to water to get the ground soft enough to go after the worst weed ever….CRABGRASS!!! I am using a lot of mulch and doing a lot of digging – wish me luck!!

  13. Posted by: Bessy C.

    So happy for Brian. Wishing him much success in Idaho, though miss seeing him at Pet Food Emporeum.

  14. Posted by: Anne

    I’m sure Brian is going to miss you and Dain too! I know I will. Thank you for your good wishes!

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