What Time Is It?

22 March 2021

What Day is it?  What Year?

If you’re like me, one day rolls into another without much variance. While I wait (still on lockdown in California) the years, the months and the days roll into one another without fanfare.  It doesn’t matter what day you shop for groceries, what day you do laundry or what time you get up in the morning.  Holidays don’t really matter and birthdays are postponed.  To make things worse, we just went to daylight savings time so my internal clock is screwed up.  With no set schedule, I’m floating in a freefall of nothingness.    

The worse part…..I LOVE IT!!!! I do what I want, when I want, whatever time I want.   When things get back to “normal” I will have some adjusting to do, and I guess that day is coming.  Venues are opening up, and making serious plans for the future.  It looks like once we are on the road this fall we will be staying on the road for a long time.  It’s good, we have a lot of catching up to do!  

The best part….our next concert coming up is VIRTUAL!  That means you can go to our concert NO MATTER WHERE IN THE WORLD YOU LIVE!!  How exciting is that?  We will be performing onstage at the El Campanil Theater in Antioch, California in front of 3 masked cameramen and broadcasting live!

The details are below – Jim and I will be getting back on schedule and getting ready to perform some beautiful John Denver music for you!  Tune in!

Info for LIVE STREAMING CONCERT:  Friday, April 30       



Saturday, April 17   –  The Woodlands, Texas  –  DINNER AND SHOW


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"The physical resemblance is amazing: the voice is unbelievable. If John Denver were alive today, he'd want to hear his songs performed by Jim Curry."

Christina Chanes Nystrom
City News

"It was one of the best programs we have had here and I hope you will come back up next year. The sound and look were perfect and my friends talked all night about how much enjoyment and sentiment your show gave us."

Bob Hartunian
Fawnskin, CA.


2010-pacific-symphony-jim-and-anne-curry-with-conductor-richard-kaufman-photo-by-lance october-2007-jim-curry-backstage-with-dick-and-diane-kniss-photo-by-lance midlandtx-noel-wagner-theater jim-with-guitarphoto-by-valerie-nestrick-600x800 Jim Curry BW -with Guitar Christmas-poster-epk