Touring The Heartland

26 September 2019

Our Touring Band from left: Larry Ruckman (sound) Anne Curry (guitar, mandolin, harmony vocals) Jim Curry (guitar, lead vocals) Diane Ireland (flutes) Tom Williams (bass, harmony vocals)

Last month, we started a string of shows for concert associations throughout the Midwest and upper Midwest.  We will be touring through the end of October – doing our concerts in very rural areas. 

For us, this means a LOT of driving!  If we are lucky, the distance between venues might be a few hours, but sometimes we have up to 11 or 12 hours to drive between shows in one day …… and that’s A LOT of driving!   And you better believe that most of the driving is NOT on an interstate – so it’s best not drink a lot of liquids – if you know what I mean!! 

The concerts are always fun!  We enjoy working with concert associations because they are all volunteers, working together to bring entertainment to their communities.  The people we work with are there because they WANT to be there – and they want to enjoy good music.  The audiences are not necessarily hard core John Denver fans, but they absolutely love the music and love learning more about John Denver as we talk about some of his history throughout the show.

We don’t often get the opportunity to perform in the community concert circuit…..the last time we were on the roster was several years ago.  Once again, we are reminded of how BIG our country is (you just have to drive through it a few times to realize that) and how beautiful and diverse it is.  The people are so nice to us, and so appreciative for what we bring to their association. 

We are thankful that they took time out of their hard-working day to spend with us.   We thank them from the stage and we thank them when we come to the lobby to meet and greet after the show.  In return, we get a lot of, “God Bless you”s………..very high praise indeed. 

We are here in the Heartland, with the most down-to-earth people, giving us high praise and blessings. 

God Bless America,

Land that I love,

Stand Beside Her,

And Guide her,

Through the night with a light from above.

From the Mountains,

To the Prairies,

To the Oceans bright with foam,

God Bless America,

My Home Sweet Home


  1. Posted by: Lonnie Baker Gove

    Hey there ya’ll! I missed you the last time you were in Nevada area due to health issues. But, I do play your music (have one CD, do I need more??). I read your blogs and do enjoy when you post! Be safe and have a super Fall!!!! Are you seeing any fall colors in the trees?

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Lonnie – Yes, we are seeing a little bit of color but I’m glad we will be out until mid October because we expect to see much more. Thanks for playing our cd – we have a few so check out our store next time you are on our website. I hope your health issues are improving, we would love to see you again sometime!

  3. Posted by: Raymond Little

    Waiting to see your Run Chicken Run shirts on your monthly messages. Hope to see you sing real soon… guys are great!

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Raymond – well, I guess we need to do a photo shoot with our Run Chicken Run shirts!!! Now I have the song playing in my head…. Run Chicken Run!!

  5. Posted by: Marsha Kjar

    I love receiving the monthly newsletter and enjoy looking at all photos. I saw you once in Iowa and loved the concert. Bought a cd. I noticed a photo of John Denver’s Mom….that was great! I bet she misses him so much. Keep up the good work and safe travels to all of you.

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Marsha, sadly, Erma (John’s Beautiful Mother) passed away a few years ago, but we believe she is happy in Heaven with her loving son and husband. Thanks for coming to the show in Iowa and purchasing a cd – we will try to come back if we get the opportunity!

  7. Posted by: Rebecca Hubbard

    So glad to have met you in Westfield, Indiana (I was the one with the boot cast – two more days until release I hope!) Here’s proof I read your newsletter and the blog! The new cds are great and I wish you all safe travels on the tour. Already looking forward to the next time you are out this way!

  8. Posted by: Michel Emrich

    Hi Anne and Jim!
    Forgot that you would be in WI this fall. Sorry to have missed you. Maybe we will see you when we are out and about RVing this winter. Wish we could come to CO again for the celebration but grandson has football and this is his last year. Keep eyes and ears open for anyone who may have seen the guitar strap we made for John. Safe travels!

  9. Posted by: Anne

    Michel – sorry we missed you! Still looking for that guitar strap, lol, it must be hidden away!

  10. Posted by: Linda

    I attended your concert last evening in Sterling, CO and enjoyed every minute of it, especially the last song. You all did a fantastic job and I hope that the rest of your tour is as crowd-pleasing.
    I was surprised to hear you are both from the Upland area. I moved to Colorado 16 years ago from Whittier after 45 years in the glut. I love Colorado in the rural area, but I do miss some things about California after all these years, especially good Mexican food. HaHa
    Take care and again thank you for coming to Sterling with your music.

  11. Posted by: Anne

    Thanks for your letter Linda – we enjoyed our time in rural Colorado, even the little bit of snowfall we had while we were there! Glad you liked the concert and we hope to see you sometime soon. Consider our upcoming concert with the symphony in Greeley….John Denver music with a symphony orchestra is worth the trip for sure!!!

  12. Posted by: Dalya

    We saw you in Arlington Heights, IL What a treat. We bought your album Such A Wild Place and really like it – including the great songs by Jim as well.
    Will definitely come see you again when you’re near Chicago.
    Heartland is the best part of the country – honest, friendly, hard-working people who appreciate being Americans.

  13. Posted by: Anne

    We agree with you 100% Dalya! We had a great tour and made so many new friends! We’re glad you liked the CD!

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"It was a heavenly evening of beautiful music, a shining tribute to John Denver, one of which I believe Denver himself would salute."...

R.V. Hight
The Sanford Herald, Greensboro, NC

"I cannot wait for our market to hear Jim’s voice; it truly is spot-on and a beautiful tribute to John’s music."

Lori Kirby, Marketing Director
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc, WI


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