To Kill A Mockingbird

1 May 2019


Somebody is going to kill that bird.  A Mockingbird has been singing his heart out in a nearby tree every single night for a month.  It sings from midnight to 4am and it is very loud.  The weather has been pretty warm so I’m sure someone is trying to sleep with the window open to let in the cool fresh breeze, to enjoy the crisp clean smell of spring….

Not with that bird…..somebody is going to kill that bird.  Even with the windows closed (and yes, you HAVE to close them he’s THAT loud) you can hear him singing… singing a love song that only a female Mockingbird can understand.   During the day, all Mockingbirds duke it out (vocally) to establish territory.  They mimic the songs of other birds, crickets, frogs and car alarms, but only the single males sing from midnight to 4am.  Whether it’s a young bachelor or a mature bird whose mate died, he will sing until he finds his mate and stay with that female for life.

But not that bird…..somebody is going to kill that bird before he finds a mate.  He has been at it for a month, so either there are no more female Mockingbirds within earshot (20 miles would be my guess) or they just don’t find his love song to their liking.  What’s to like?  His repertoire is harsh, loud and repetitive.  Did I mention LOUD?  The Mockingbird is the state bird in 5 states, so there’s a pretty good chance that most anyone can go outside after midnight and hear a lovesick bird that might drive them into a bird-killing frenzy.

Somebody is going to kill that bird.  Not me though.  I know Mockingbirds are protected and I feel sorry for him. More importantly, I have air conditioning so I can close my windows at night, muffle the racket and still enjoy a cool breeze.  I hope my neighbors feel sorry for him too, because if he doesn’t find a mate before it heats up this summer, somebody is going to kill that bird!

Here’s a recording on YouTube of a 2am Mockingbird concert in New Jersey, obviously it’s dark, but you can sure hear the bird.  It’s interesting that some of the sounds are similar to those heard from my neighborhood bird – and some sounds are very different, learned from a different set of local birds.


  1. Posted by: Margie Garren

    Ahhh yes! I’m familiar with that song! Thankfully, our neighborhood Romeo must have found his mate! Your blog is hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh this morning.

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Thanks Margie! Are they out singing in the High Desert?

  3. Posted by: Aileen

    Wow, I have never heard them before! I guess I should consider myself lucky? Loved your story – made me laugh!

  4. Posted by: Joan

    When I first moved as a young bride to Florida from the Midwest, yes, the bird was annoying. But through the years, being no stranger to night as a mother, …..the song has become a comforting prayer… vocal beacon in the night……sweet melodies to sooth restless thoughts and sleepless nights……….offering it’s sweet prayer to the heavens…saying to me…..yes, things will always look brighter in the morning….hang in there. And the bird has a gorgeous voice and quite a repertoire! John Denver would most probably agree!

  5. Posted by: Anne

    Nicely written Joan – thank you!

  6. Posted by: Donald Koonce

    I was great to see you guys and hear your wonderful music at the concert in Charleston SC.. The new not previously recorded music was super. We enjoyed the group picture with you, Jim, my daughter and me behind the table. She is now a huge fan of you guys and of course, I had to get Wendi all of the different CDs that you had there! I don’t know how you do all those concerts, Wow! It’s got to be love! I love to see you guys with a symphony orchestra because so much of the music was recorded with an orchestra. See you when I get the chance again!

  7. Posted by: Anne

    Yes Donald, the symphony concerts are very special because of the wonderful scores composed by Lee Holdridge for John Denver! Thanks for stopping by after the show for pictures, we were glad to meet you all.

  8. Posted by: Bob Smith

    “Well there you have it = THE Top 20 Mocking Bird Hits of all time here on Mocking Bird Radio. that’s right there were a couple of new ones tonight – er, ok on this mornings show. But most of them have been on the top 20 for decades! They NEVER get old ( well ok – for the Mocking Bird Kingdom anyway!) Well that will do it for today’s show – we will be back again tomorrow on our regular ( and forever annoying time slot) Midnight until 4am! Tell your friends to all tune in! – but of course most of you in the Curry neighborhood don’t have a choice – do you ???? And remember this broadcast is sponsored by Advil PM! When you have no other choice but to take a sleeping aid for some rest and keep from going CRAZY! Good Morning y’all – and those of you who have jobs – your alarm clock will be going off any moment now!! ”

    Love to you all Jim and Anne!

  9. Posted by: Shelley Smith

    Love the recording! We don’t have mockingbirds in WA so I really miss that sound. It was nice to hear it when we were down in Southern California visiting. The other thing I miss is a train whistle!

    Great seeing you both on our visit down! Thanks again for lunch!

  10. Posted by: Jack & Sandy Thurbon

    Looking forward to seeing you when you get back to CA. J&S

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