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4 January 2020

It’s Goodbye to 2019 and Hello to 2020 …….

Before I put on my blinders and go charging into the new year I would like to point out a couple of “mile markers” on my road through 2019.   2019 was a good working year for us, we did a lot of shows and saw a lot of new places and friendly faces.  Here are a couple of milestones that I considered significant:

MILESTONE #1:  The first milestone was Jim and I celebrating 40 years of marriage, something that I might have mentioned on Facebook but I didn’t blog about it.  40 years is a long time to be married to the same person, and a testament to how stubborn Jim and I both are.  In our darkest, most desperate times we refused to give up on each other and in our happiest times we knew we were with the one that makes us happy.  I give more credit to being stubborn, it’s easy to stay together when things are going well, much harder when you are struggling.

MILESTONE #2:  The second milestone is the subject of the blog today.  I turned 60 on the last day of 2019, YIKES!   I’m not sure what 60 is supposed to FEEL like, but as you can see by the shirt I’m wearing, this is what 60 LOOKS like.  (In case you can’t tell, the large pink arrow is pointing up at my face).   I am officially OLD.  I started blood pressure medication 2 weeks ago and I had (Doctor’s orders) gluten free birthday cake.

My boys (Jim, Brian and Matthew) took me to the movies on my special day, we saw JUMANGI: THE NEXT LEVEL.  Early on it became clear that there was a message in the movie for me, because Danny DeVito stated several times that getting old SUCKS.  No escaping reality for me, I thought, the irony of hearing that on my 60th birthday was somewhat off-putting.  BUT….by the end of the movie, Danny DeVito had a change of heart and declared dramatically that growing old was a GIFT.  At that moment I looked at my boys and realized the gift I had received on that day was much more than a movie.

So the benefits of growing old can far outweigh the drawbacks if I set my mind to focus on the good things.  I’m going to enjoy the bountiful fruits of a life well-lived (and stay away from gluten-free cake).


  1. Posted by: patricia valdez

    Just an interesting note…you share the same birthdate as John Denver 🙂

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Patricia, yes indeed I do!

  3. Posted by: Mary Duvall

    You guys are the best. can’t wait for tonight. Also saying Hi. I enjoy your blogs. Congratulations on 40 years. We just celebrated our 37th anniversary on January 1st.

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Mary! Thanks for coming to the show! Congrats on 37 years – best wishes for many, many more!

  5. Posted by: MAUREEN GARDNER

    Happy Birthday Anne!

  6. Posted by: Harvey Bergen

    Yep Anne, we both know what it is like to get old. Inside, the brain says, “Come on, get out of that chair and …lay that floor; put the baseboards on, replace the ceiling (I am remodeling the basement in this house in Vulcan where we now live); etc.” My body however, says, “Sit down you old fool…when you get down on your knees, bring something to help you get up again.” My body is getting a louder and louder voice very year. However Anne and Jim, there are compensations. Shirley and I celebrated our 56th anniversary in November and stubbornness and a modicum of sheer laziness have held us together also. Congrats on your 40 years – and your reaching the age of 60. Jim preceded you to that milestone and he is still doing well. Just follow his lead. The two of you make a hell of a team.

  7. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Harvey (Hi Shirley) we love you two! Congratulations on 56 and thanks for continuing to inspire us all with your commitment to each other. Are you still remodeling??? When will it end?? Haha, Jim says our laundry room is next – woo hoo!

  8. Posted by: Lynne Glazer

    Happy birthday Anne! The view looks good from here (64 recently). Congrats on your milestone anniversary!

  9. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Lynne, thanks for the encouragement! Happy New Year!

  10. Posted by: Marty Moss

    Anne – Diane and I know exactly how you feel…we keep saying that we’re really still 25, but our bodies keep pretending otherwise.

    One nice thing, though: your blog was dated Jan. 4…that was OUR 44th anniversary! So we share something else with you.

    See you in Napa!

    —-Marty and Diane Moss

  11. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Marty (Hi Diane) Wow! 44 years, Happy Anniversary! See you soon!

  12. Posted by: Terese Dondero

    Happy belated birthday Anne! You and John Denver were born on the same day. Your blog says you turned 60 on last day of 2019 or Dec 31st. You were both New Year’s Eve babies. I turned 57 on Dec 29th. Hope to see you in Mesquite in March!

  13. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Terese! Yes John and I were born on the same day, a few years apart, lol! See you in Mesquite!

  14. Posted by: Detra Morton

    Anne, first Happy Birthday and congrats to you and Jim on 40 years. Bryan and I are
    Coming up on 39 years. We miss you here in NC! The Tanger Center in GREENSBORO
    Opens in March. Hope you could play there or the smaller Carolina Theatre down
    The street. Detra and Bryan Morton

  15. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Detra, Thank you for the good wishes and we will check out the Tanger Center!

  16. Posted by: Russ Ligeikis

    Anne –

    I can’t remember 60 and that was only eight years ago (as of December 28th)! While I am being forced to rest (also doctor’s orders) due to asthma-like bronchitis (probably acquired on December 21st when I had to help lift and walk alongside an oak casket that held my SO’s father) that makes me sound like a moose, and a dangerous throat infection (both of which spread to my 84-year-old sister) I’m looking forward to getting out today, square dancing on Thursday evening (helping new square dancers learn Mainstream), then broadening my skill-set with a one-day workshop on Macro Photography before going back to doctors next week. Resting is driving me crazy! Happy birthday.

  17. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Russ, we’re sorry to hear you’ve been sick! We hope you are on the mend and will be back into trouble soon. Sounds like you owe your sis some chicken soup – hope she recovers quickly too! Have a ‘better’ New Year!

  18. Posted by: Shirley Helmer

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!! Sounds like you had a great time with your boys. Birthdays are just a number and take each day as a blessing. Wishing you many, many more filled with love and laughter.

  19. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Shirley! Happy New Year to you and thank you for the Birthday wishes!!

  20. Posted by: Rev. Barry Minnick

    Hi Ms Annie –
    Just wanted to send your birthday greetings, and to let you know “that age is all a matter over mind” — If you don’t mind, it don’t matter!
    Also, I always told people, while I was an active minister, what ole Sachel Paige used to say…”How old would ya be, if ya didn’t know how old ya wuz?”
    Words of wisdom, for growing old…er
    Barry Minnick

  21. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Barry, Thanks for the words of wisdom!! I’ll try to remember as I grow older every day! But I don’t mind!

  22. Posted by: May Johnson

    Hi Anne,
    I am happy to say I got to know you off stage and hope we can do more in the future .Congratulations May

  23. Posted by: Anne

    Thanks May! Glad to know you!!

  24. Posted by: Michel Emrich

    Happy Birthday Anne and Happy Anniversary too! We are headed to Year 48 in July. We are traveling in the south again this winter. Currently in Yuma. May have to drive back here in Feb just to see you!

  25. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Michel, Yuma in February is the place to be! Hope to see you sometime or somewhere in the near future! Happy New Year!

  26. Posted by: Michele Miller

    Happy belated birthday and anniversary! Age is just a number and, although I am 72 (and can’t believe that number!!), in my mind and outlook on life I am in my 30’s!!! Just don’t fall off any ladders like I recently did and break your leg!!!!!
    When you are playing that uplifting and wonderful music with Jim and the rest of the crew, you must feel young because you make us in the audience feel that way! I have seen you a few times in Rochester, NY and would love to see you play more dates in FL where I now live.

    My best to you and Jim and the rest of your family, both kids and band members, for 2020.

    Michele Miller

  27. Posted by: Anne

    Oh no Michele! Stay away from ladders!! Hope you are healing, thank you for the nice letter and we are working on a Florida tour in May 2020 so I hope the promoters get us somewhere close to you. We don’t know the cities yet, just the month!

  28. Posted by: Vicky Seymour

    OMG Ann, 60 i’snt that old, I’ll be 65 in a couple of weeks!!!! And HI from frigid Mound MN!! It was one below this morning!! Have a great 202 and hope to see you both in MN again.

  29. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Vicky! One below!! That’s pretty chilly!! I’m sure we will see you in MN – got some shows coming up there, hope we get close enough for you to attend!

  30. Posted by: Debbie

    I always read your blog and newsletter. When are you coming to the San Diego area? Love you guys.

  31. Posted by: Anne

    Debbie, we are going to have to find a venue we can afford to rent in San Diego to come and do a show! Despite our best efforts we have no luck in getting hired there, the venues have all passed us up for other acts! Any suggestions?

  32. Posted by: Wes

    Happy Belated Birthday !

    Keep doing what you love and age does not matter. ( other than a few aches and pains )

    Say Hi to Jim for me !

    Wes P

  33. Posted by: Anne

    Will do Wes! Good to hear from you, our love to you and Marie!

  34. Posted by: Michael Pietsch

    What a terrific performance yesterday in Morristown, NJ.

    Very much hope to see you back again soon in Morristown.

    PS We also celebrated our 40th Anniversary in 2019

  35. Posted by: Anne

    Congratulations Michael on 40 years!!! Thank you for attending the show and we are glad you enjoyed it! Of course we will come back to Morristown!!! We have to wait until we are invited back, but the answer is YES!YES!YES!YES!

  36. Posted by: Sharon McClain

    60 was a VERY GOOD YEAR! Now I’m 74 and it’s STILL a very good year! Did you know that there was a study done of Centenarians who were asked what age they would go back to if they could pick ANY age? Guess what age they picked?! SEVENTY-FOUR!! You’ve got 14 years to go to get to the BEST age!

    My husband, Joe and I enjoy your CDs and shows whenever we can get to one! Blessings for a wonderful year! Sharon

  37. Posted by: Anne

    Goodness Sharon, what a wonderful comment!!! Thank you, and now I’m looking forward to age 74! Many blessings to you!

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