There’s a Worm in my Ear!

2 October 2020

We are currently driving East, from Southern CA to Texas.  We just spent the night in Abilene, we’re headed for a show in Arlington, TX then on to shows in Ohio, Georgia and Minnesota.

Does everybody get songs in their head about the cities they pass through when they travel?  It becomes quite annoying to me when my brain insists on repeating “Deep in the Heart of Texas” for miles and miles…..and miles…..and miles. 

I have a very musical brain, it’s always been that way as long as I can remember.  There is literally ALWAYS a song in my head.  The phrase is supposed to be “a song in your heart” but unfortunately it is ALWAYS in my head, crowding out other things (such as math equations and memories).  I have no doubt that the last and only thing on my mind when I die will be a song… or just one phrase from a song repeating over and over and over again…probably “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”

A song or musical phrase that repeats in your head is called an ear worm. An estimated 90% of people get them, so you are likely familiar with this.  If not, here’s some help: 

It’s a small world after all,

It’s a small world after all……….(that should do it).

What is a persistent ear worm for you? How do you get rid of it?  Put your answers in the comment section below – remember that the captcha is case sensitive and has no spaces.  As we share our ear worms and cures……..



  1. Posted by: Carol Baggs

    I get through the day wading through Ear Worms! Musicals, Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Revere and the Raiders, John Denver, silly ditties that filter through with every step I take while walking along. They get me through my week. Music is the glue that’s holding me together at the moment.
    Have a fantastic journey! Stay healthy and safe!

    Jerry and Carol Baggs

  2. Posted by: Margie Hoff

    My earworm is pretty much the last song I have heard. Driving up to Oregon, listening to Waylon… “Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grown Up to Be Cowboys”

    So glad to see you are “on the road again” (hee hee), spreading that John Denver cheer.

  3. Posted by: Marty Moss

    Anne – Thanks to your phrasing, Marty Robbins’ song about the “West Texas town of El Paso (about his love for Rosa in the cantina) will be my ear worm for tonight…

    My sure fire way to get rid of ear worms is to get totally engrossed in something more pressing…like the tax returns On extension I still have to do…come to think of it, I’d rather have the ear worm!

  4. Posted by: alan van heest

    Gonna miss your stop in Cumming ga but look ahead to 2021 when you return to the Holy Theater in Dahlonega! be safe!

  5. Posted by: Raymond C Little

    Try singing Run Chicken Run in your musical brain. If that does not work I can send you some more songs. Hope to see you at one of your future venues.

  6. Posted by: Mary Perkins

    For my family, ‘El Paso’ is prettty much an anthem since, for my cousins and me, our parents were born and raised in El Paso. We sing the song at every reunion at least once and probably should make up some verses about our family. It’s an earworm I don’t mind having since it makes me think of my family.

  7. Posted by: Diane M Butler

    Get them all the time often it’s kids music a Raffi song ( Baby Beluga) cause I work with special needs kids. It can be a song from the radio and most often they hit at bedtime.So glad to know you are on the road again!!! Can’t wait til you are near us in VA Miss you

  8. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Diane! Oh yes, Baby Beluga is a good earworm opportunity! I used to sing with my son’s kindergarten class – God bless your work with special needs kids!

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