Meet the Band – Gene Wagner

25 February 2019

Our outstanding drummer, Gene Wagner, has been with the Curry band the longest – about 18 years!  Gene was with us from the very beginning, encouraging us to pursue tribute performing full time and helping to shape the overall sound of our band.

Gene has a lifetime of drumming to his credit, high school and college, cruise ships, night clubs, big bands and orchestras – Gene has done it all – backing legendary acts such as Rita Moreno, the Fifth Dimension, Steve Allen and Jerry Van Dyke just to name a few.

With Gene the drumming is always tasteful, and the moments are never dull!  He is a good friend and a valuable member of our band.


  1. Posted by: Velma Fountain

    Thourally enjoy your group have seen you at Walters dinner theater and when you appeared with the buffalo symphony orchestra

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Thank you Velma! We will certainly try to get back up your way for another concert!

  3. Posted by: May Johnson

    He always makes me smile.

  4. Posted by: Dr.D

    We saw you in Amish country last year and so enjoyed the show. We were so sorry that we were out of state for your return performance!

  5. Posted by: Anne

    We are already scheduled to return this summer! Watch the website for the new date and info!!

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"I’ve been booking bands here for eleven years and yours was the first standing ovation! We want you back next year!"

Sherry Murphy
City of Dana Point, CA

"It was an amazing evening. We have had many different performers at our conferences; The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, Three Dog Night, America. Jim Curry ranks among these acts. I would book Jim and his band again in a heartbeat."

Daniel Young
Corporate Function, Keystone, CO


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