Hooray for Peeps!

29 March 2018

Easter is right around the corner….

……and we are wishing you all a happy Easter, and we hope your day is filled with love.

Many of you will be following the traditions that you have been raised with: church, family and food.  For those of you who have passed down the tradition of the Easter basket – this blog’s for you!

When our boys were young, Jim and I thought we would put a new twist on the old tradition of the Easter-egg hunt.  First thing in the morning, after everyone got dressed and ready for church – the boys would be handed their first clue.  The first clue would be written as a riddle or a rhyme, and would lead them to the second clue.  The boys would go from clue to clue, until they found the final clue, which would lead them to their Easter baskets.

What were we thinking?  At first we thought we were clever and fun…..but as the years passed and our boys grew smarter with age, the challenge of coming up with clues and rhymes and hiding places became a thing to dread.  Hopefully, we created memories, and fingers crossed, the boys will pass this tradition down to their children and Jim and I can laugh at them as they struggle to outsmart their kids.

Of course, an important staple in every Easter basket is the Peep.  What says more about a Holy holiday than a marshmallow (sugar) with a crunchy sugar coating?  If you eat enough of them you will probably get a tummy ache so we have suggestions of other ways to use your Peeps that won’t have your dentist rubbing his hands together in wicked anticipation:










P.S.   Don’t forget to save one of your Peeps for your Monday morning coffee!



Enjoy your Peeps and have a wonderful Easter!!


  1. Posted by: Margie Hoff

    Our family still has the tradition of the treasure hunt at Christmas time. Eash year, one (un)lucky person gets to run the clue gamut to get to their “big” present. Love doing it!

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Margie: I love those family traditions!

  3. Posted by: Carolyn Churchill

    Wonderful story Anne. Brings back memories of Christmastime scavenger hunts with my two boys, yes they got smarter over the years too and I’m glad for it. Love the useful Peeps ideas! The Racine Wisconsin Art Museum runs a yearly event of Peeps as Art. Yum!! Happy Easter, Happy Spring ♥️

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Carolyn! Hope you the boys are doing well – yes, be glad for those smart boys!!

  5. Posted by: BRUCE C DAVIDSON

    Hi Guys,

    Loved you again at Higley in Gilbert, AZ. They like to have you back and you are filling the house. Please schedule again soon!

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Thanks Bruce, we are glad to see our audience growing in Arizona! I’m sure the Higley will schedule us again, but remember, it’s their choice to schedule not ours. If they ask, we’ll be there!

  7. Posted by: Anne

    Hi all, this is Anne Curry: I know the captcha has been difficult for some of you to get by and I’m sorry (and I STILL get so much junk mail, even with the captcha). So here is a comment from Carol, she gave up trying to make a comment on this blog site and so she emailed me:

    From Carol Devlin: The peeps are my favorite too……I like to slit the package and then wait about a week for them to harden and then enjoy them and the chewing is much more enjoyable then!
    thank you for your blog and for keeping John Denver’s music alive and fresh.

  8. Posted by: Lonnie Baker Gove

    IOne of my emails was about the Brickman & Bootcamp in Cleveland 2018. And what did I see? The background picture has Jim Curry and Diane Ireland in it. I didn’t see Anne, though. Were my eyes deceiving me??

  9. Posted by: Anne

    I’m not sure Lonnie – I looked at the website and didn’t see Jim or Diane. I don’t think we’ve ever been there.

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