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26 April 2018

Just Recently There Was a Heated Discussion

on one of the John Denver Group pages about how some of the people in the group just cannot or will not listen to a John Denver Tribute Artist.  Some very good points were made on both sides …..then, the entire thread dissolved into a big argument, a la Facebook. 

This particular argument has been going on for a long time now…some people enjoy tribute artists some don’t.  I personally think it’s a good thing (of course I would….lol!) and in 2013 I wrote a blog in an attempt to explain or describe why we chose to become a tribute band. 

Here’s my blog from 2013:

April, 2013  –  “Group Therapy”

 So, who is helping who?

When we were kids, my brothers (3 of them) and my sister and I all spent many hours reading Peanuts comic books.  We loved the characters, Charlie Brown with his bad luck, Lucy with her bad temper, Linus and his blanket, Pig pen in his cloud of dust, each one with their own foibles and quirks.  We connected with them and they became a part of our family.  So when I saw this prop sitting in the back of a theater, I couldn’t resist taking a picture in it.











Lucy Van Pelt, one of Charles Schultz’ characters in Peanuts, considered herself to be the giver of great advice, so she would sit outside in a little handmade booth, selling psychiatric help for a nickel.  Often, the recipient of her “help” would end up getting yelled at….I’m not sure Lucy ever gave good advice, but they say you get what you pay for.

I’ve often described our concerts as “group therapy” so the picture seems fitting for the thing we do.  I know we help people with our shows;  they get out of the house, they enjoy the music they feel good.  The funny thing is, the band gets as much “therapy” from a show as the audience does.  We enjoy the outpouring of love from the audience and we feel it the minute we begin the show, all the way to the end.  There also is a theory that people who attend theatre or concerts in groups get a positive psychological benefit from the like-minded people surrounding them……well that makes sense to me.

So we are all helping each other, and I would encourage all of you who read this blog, to go out more often, spend less time at home alone and reap the benefits of “group therapy.”  It might cost more than a nickel, but you will reap the psychological rewards!


  1. Posted by: Marsha Kjar

    Tribute artists are Great! As far as I am concerned, when an artist has passed on, what better way to show the love for the artist with a tribute one such as Jim Curry! John Denver is no longer with us and while we miss his voice & always will, people like Jim Curry keep John alive! Love the Earth Songs cd on your page. I have that cd. I play it every year on Earth Day multiple times. It is also my husband’s birthday. Blessings to you from Iowa.

  2. Posted by: donald c plugge

    Marsha Kjar said it well. you are keeping John alive..I’ve sung “hey it’s good to be back home again at a local jam and people loved it,,,My late mom went on that cruise with anothher widow and said the AlSKA CRUISE was beauriful…..bless you all….don

  3. Posted by: Diane Butler

    Great news Ann thanks for sharing safe travels wishing I was in Alaska with you. Breathtaking views, had our honeymoon there with Celebrity Cruises

  4. Posted by: John and Gail Lennon

    You know–whether in Canada or in Panama City Beach, Florida we try not to miss your shows. My reaction is always: Wouldn’t John Denver be pleased.

    If someone does not enjoy tribute artists he should go and do something else–and leave the rest of us to enjoy our trip down memory lane! I don’t enjoy jazz but I respect jazz musicians’ right to perform and jazz enthusiasts’ right to go and listen.

    Thank you for doing what you do so well. Can’t wait to see you again at Walters’ Dinner Theatre this summer!

  5. Posted by: John Mather

    Well, we first saw you at the Stranahan Theatre in Toledo, OH with the symphony. Then we saw you in Akron at the university with Akron’s symphony. Now we will see you in Adrian, MI w/o the symphony. The common theme is we live in the Toledo area and see you when you are fairly close, not that Akron is exactly around the corner (maybe 120 miles).

    I also called on your Christmas show when you played in Detroit I think Dec. 2016 and the person I talked to in the ticket office (shame on them and a word to the wise for you) did not know if it was a Christmas Show with typical songs (yeah I love Christmas music also), your traditional show or a mixture. I declined to buy as we had just seen you a little earlier in Akron. This is your first show in the area in two years at least. I did put a plug in to my brother in Idaho to see you when you played there. Yes, I read your schedule.

    Simply phrased, we like the show, think Jim is as close to John Denver (who I saw twice live) as one could be. We hope you get rich from it! Not to rich as we don’t want to feel priced out. John and Barb Mather

  6. Posted by: Lonnie Baker Gove

    Anne, I have always loved a great tribute artist. It can not be just a po dunk put together group. I love the John Denver tribute that Jim does as without trying he sounds quite a bit like John Denver. Since John Denver has passed, this is my go-to and I can’t think of a better group than yours. Other groups I have followed are much the same. They play and sound like the music you remembered. I can close my eyes if I wish and believe I am with John Denver for awhile. I could never afford to see John Denver and I cherish each time I am able to participate as a music lover when your group comes around. We have seen many tribute groups for those groups we love and can not go to. The therapy. Well, music is my therapy along with gardening and pets. However, when you are at an event, you can look at someone next to you and begin the conversation by “Have you seen Jim Curry and the group before? Most of the time it ends up with chatting until the show begins. Hence, meeting many people of a like-mind. And, I have met a couple that did see John Denver and that was so interesting to hear them talk about it! So, keep on doing what you all do. I LOVE a great tribute group. And yours is great! Thanks for the blog!

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"I know beyond doubt that I want to join your show whenever I can. You guys exhibited
nothing but big league leadership & Professionalism."

Steve Weisberg
John Denver band member and songwriter Dallas, TX

"It was an amazing evening. We have had many different performers at our conferences; The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, Three Dog Night, America. Jim Curry ranks among these acts. I would book Jim and his band again in a heartbeat."

Daniel Young
Corporate Function, Keystone, CO


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