Does This Pandemic Make My Butt Look Big?

11 September 2020

Here we are, 6 months into the Covid-19 Pandemic and it’s time to make a personal assessment of how we all have been affected by months and months of “new normal”.

I remember in the beginning of the shutdown, posting a picture in my April blog of the empty shelves in the grocery store.  I was shocked that such a thing could happen in our Country and worried a little bit about getting what I needed to feed my family…. ah, memories (pause for dramatic reflection)……

Turns out that was not a problem.  In fact, maybe I’ve had a little TOO MUCH of what I needed to feed my family!  Groceries are plentiful and cooking seems to be my new hobby now! I’ve worn a path in the floor from the refrigerator to the sink and I’ve worn the non-stick coating off my pots and pans.

What hasn’t been worn is the jeans I was wearing last March.

Does this Pandemic make my butt look big?  Probably, haha!  Nonetheless, I am safe, I am following guidelines and have adopted a new motto:  “Better well fed than dead!”

Are YOU spending MORE money at the grocery store and MORE time in the kitchen? 


  1. Posted by: James Weston

    You know, if you wrote a song “Does This Pandemic Make My Butt Look Big?” I bet it would be a BIG hit and live on forever. Shall we sing?

  2. Posted by: Anne

    James Weston: I think we ALL can sing together!

  3. Posted by: Janice Pickartz

    I’m right there with y’all….apparently the term is “Quarantine 15” and I can vouch for that. However, better fed than dead as you so well phrased, I’ll not be losing the extra 15lbs just yet

  4. Posted by: Janice Pickartz

    And yes, definitely spending more at the market!

  5. Posted by: Anne

    Janice Pickartz: where else do we have to go? Lol, we just have to make better choices I guess!

  6. Posted by: Carol Baggs

    It isn’t
    the Pandemic, but the smoked filled toxic schmutz filtering through the air and keeping us inside to cook and eat our hearts out. Cleaning doesn’t meet those daily exercise requirements. So forward we go! Keep safe and be well. Keep your Excedrin close.c

  7. Posted by: Anne

    Carol: The smoke is not reminds me of when we were growing up and our lungs would hurt from the smog when we played outside in the summer. Swimming and bike riding were particularly painful. Of course this was before we were told we should stay inside when it’s smoggy, haha. I think you are getting more smog than we are, the fires up north are fierce!

  8. Posted by: Ruth Guy

    Miss you all, glad you are safe. Hope all this is all over soon. Stay well.

  9. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Ruth! Thank you, take care!

  10. Posted by: Paula R Wein

    Hi Anne, well I’m in the same predicament as many others, gaining weight and no where to go to work it off. (not that I would anyway). At least no one sees me and with masks being needed no one needs to see my Hillbilly swmile. The good thing out of all this is that I don’t need to worry as much about cleaning my house, I now say all the dust is ash coming down on my furniture.

    For all those fans that don’t believe in climate change I want to let them know they are invited to my house to see in (Beaumont, CA., not Beaumont, TX.) the beauty of Tan skies and the colorful orange sunserts.

  11. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Paula, we were so glad to see you (and everyone) in Apple Valley, mask and all!! Yah, going to the grocery store in yoga pants with my hair up just became much easier when I’m wearing a mask…who knows? Who cares? I like that “dust is ash” excuse for cleaning….any excuse works for me!!

  12. Posted by: Shirley Helmer

    So close and yet so far. Miss seeing you. Forget about the lbs we are all in the same boat. Just hope it doesn’t sink.

  13. Posted by: Anne

    Best quote of the week Shirley!! We are all in the same boat for sure!

  14. Posted by: May Johnson

    Are you okay with all the fires. We are getting some of your smoke.

  15. Posted by: Anne

    Hi May, the fires are quite some distance away from us, we are just getting the smoke and ash.

  16. Posted by: Grace Dewey

    Hi Anne,

    Oh, this made me laugh out loud!! I think the song idea is great. Glad to hear you and family are safe from the fires.

    Praying to see you all soon!

    Grace Dewey

  17. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Grace! great to hear from you, thanks for the prayers!

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