Burn A White Flag!

3 July 2020

Good Advice for Protesters:

This is the July Blog, which will publish right before, if not on July 4.  In light of Independence Day, I will admit to being a nerdy patriot.  I love the USA and I’m glad I live here.

Every morning in grade school, I pledged my allegiance to the flag. In Girl Scouts, I was taught how to salute, handle, raise and retire Old Glory.  I was expected to know it and to teach new scouts to do the same.

I own an American flag to fly outside my home and have the American flag that was draped on my father’s coffin.  I have some little flags too, just in case I feel the need to wave something awesome!

It’s the emblem of the land I love.

It makes no sense to me that this symbol of freedom is burned by protesters with a (whatever) cause…..it’s ironic that the very people destroying our symbol of freedom have the freedom to do that!  The irony is not lost on most people, most of us don’t understand how burning the American flag is helpful in getting their (whatever) message out.  Further, it upsets many people who fought for our freedom or lost a loved one defending our freedom.  It enrages them to a point where they don’t care what the protesters are trying to say.  I understand that protesters are doing something outrageous to get attention to their (whatever) complaint, but it completely changes the subject and redirects it to a “hot button” reaction.

Here’s an idea those who want to get their message out:  burn a white flag. 

What does a white flag symbolize?  Surrender.  It means, “I give up.”  If you are so angry and passionate about your cause, burn a white flag!  Let them know you’ll NEVER give up and you will go so far as to destroy your ability to give up!  Your message will be seen and heard without the messy distracting feelings of disrespect for those who fought for, died for and still love America.

Just a suggestion…. do something that might make sense to those of us watching.  If you know any protesters, feel free to pass this advice along.  I could also mention other things that baffle us like the destruction of public property and getting rid of police, but this is just a simple blog and I am just a simple (nerdy) patriot on the 4th of July.

All I can do is sit back and shake my head in disbelief at all of the chaos, but have no doubt that my beautiful, unburned American flag will be flying out in front of my house on Independence Day!



My Neighbor’s House – I’m Going to Have to Get Some Bunting Too!


  1. Posted by: MAUREEN GARDNER

    Love this Anne- Thank You!

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Thank you Maureen, hope you are well.

  3. Posted by: Carol Baggs

    Well stated, Jim.

    The East Seattle Princt finally taken back by Police. These Groups are getting on everyone’s last nerve. I don’t like how they’re blocking the main Interstates and roads.

    And maybe a quarter of them refuse to wear masks. Reopening so soon was proving to be not a wise decision.

    Please stay safe and healthy.

    Miss you guys.

    Hugs from Jerry and Carol Baggs

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Carol, I wrote the blog (Anne’s Monthly Blog) Lol, Jim has been railing – but seldom puts his words in writing! I think (IMHO) reopening would have gone fine if it hadn’t coincided with mass protests, lootings, and social experimenting…. to expect people leading civil unrest to do the right thing and wear a mask for public safety is a pretty funny concept…they are obviously on their own agenda. Anyways I was just trying to drop a suggestion…..even though I know I’m preaching to the choir haha!

  5. Posted by: James Weston

    Do you know how much a psychiatrist would charge for such wonderful advice? What an inspiring way to get tomorrow going. I can only wish those people running this mess in our country could hear your wonderful music and words that offer so much meaning to those of us lucky enough to hear them. God bless all of you beautiful folks and have a safe and Happy 4th Of July. James

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Thank you James – we are all working hard to stay positive in uncertain times. I appreciate your kind words. God Bless.

  7. Posted by: Margie Hoff

    Wonderful, wonderful blog, my dear friend! Can I repost?

  8. Posted by: Anne

    Sure you can my dear friend! Thank you.

  9. Posted by: Gary Hengst

    I like your idea ! Makes total sense to me to burn a white flag instead !!
    I got to tell you the whole protest thing and the TV coverage of it ( ie: police taking a knee in front of the protesters ) made me stop watching TV ! I might turn it back on when baseball starts back. But no news programs. No,no ! They lost me as a customer !!

  10. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Gary! I’m feeling outdoor activities away from the TV might be the healthiest alternative for all of us!! What would the protesters do if there were no cameras watching them?? Would they still be out there? Is it like the tree falling in the forest? Who knows. Hopefully you are working on your model T car (Lizzy) and getting out for a drive from time to time.

  11. Posted by: Lori J

    Thank you for your very thoughtful post. I have been saying the same thing. With all the violence and ugliness, the whole point of the protest is lost. I love the White flag idea.

  12. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Lori J – maybe we can start a movement! The problem is I’m sure I wouldn’t want to lead any type of protest, unless it’s to protest a protest! Haha! I think a lot of people are feeling that way right now. Thanks for writing!

  13. Posted by: Russ Ligeikis

    Great blog as always with opinions that definitely need to be heard above the roar and actions that need to be taken NOW. I’m looking forward to more Chris Nole. Incredible!

    My SO Leesa and I will try to make the Toccoa concert (it would be our second) but with Covid-19 it would be last minute and there are no guarantees, especially since I have no ticket information (too bad Dillard is no longer available, or Walhalla). We in the South are Starving for your kind of concert. I’m almost to the point of buying what would be my 15th guitar myself just to give some of the locals a little much needed, well-earned relief.

    Congrats on all you guys have got done. My sister and I are trying to sell our house and doing much the same. I’m almost enjoying the work.

  14. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Russ! You just take care and be sure to let me know if we have any chance of meeting you in Toccoa. I’m wondering if we will be able to have our normal meet and greet after the show, they are so important to us but at the same time increases the chances of spreading the virus – hmmmm…..something to discuss in another blog. Where will you move?

  15. Posted by: Chris Suzuki

    Nerd? Well, if you’re speaking as a nerd then sign me up! Such an uplifting and thought-full
    message. Thank you! You made my otherwise downer day (thanks to all the people who are so busy claiming their rights, even if it means breaking laws). What makes it more aggravating is seeing government officials (like the mayor of Lancaster) defy the no fireworks law because he thinks we need to celebrate the birth of our country. Talk about irony.
    I love America too, and I also proclaimed my allegiance to the flag in school, and I wonder why we see tattered flags still hanging out in the rain and not brought in for safe keeping. All of this I spite of my own family experiences during WWII.
    Instead of fighting for your rights, how about appreciating you privileges for being in the UNITED States of America? Thank you Anne…respectfully and proudly, Nerdy Chris.

  16. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Nerdy Chris! HaHa now I’m in GREAT company with you in my nerd camp!! Not much we can do but try to be happy. You brought up a perfect point about WWII – and here you are now loving your country and respecting the flag! Well said and done!! Best to you and Ken.

  17. Posted by: Sue Laslo

    This is marvelous, Anne! Thank you so much for bringing me out of my dreary July 4th feelings from yesterday!! This message greatly helps me with my self work to follow my own guidelines and continue to pray that our country and the entire world will soon find some peace, respect, happiness and caring for all.

  18. Posted by: Anne

    Thank you Sue, always glad to inspire! I’m not sure what it will take, but I have a sneaky suspicion that things will calm down a little after election day, regardless of who is elected. I can only hope that will be the case. It’s easy to feel dreary when there is so much negativity, I fight it myself and try to think positively inside my head as much as possible! All the best to you!

  19. Posted by: George Colvin

    Thanks for your comments. I just wanted to tell you we miss seeing and hearing you guys at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. On the way home from church (we are meeting in an outdoor Amphitheater on campus) on SiriusXM, John Denver’s song “Sunshine on my Shoulder “ came on and we were seeing you and Jim singing it.

    Take care and stay safe,
    George and Shirley Colvin

  20. Posted by: Anne

    Hi George and Shirley! Yes we miss our concerts at the Coffee Gallery – glad you haven’t forgotten about us, take care!

  21. Posted by: Detra Morton

    Hi Anne, thank you for this post. We fly the flag daily. There has been much discord and destruction here. The protesters are setting their cause BACK not forward. Five members
    Of my family served in the military in the past 70 years. As Americans we must defend the way of life they fought to protect. We are heartbroken the June concert in Greensboro was
    Cancelled. We so hope this can be rescheduled. Detra and Bryan

  22. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Detra and Bryan, we will be back to Greensboro! They are struggling to get a date at the venue but they are also very sure that they want us to be there in 2021. Thanks to you and your family for their service and for supporting our country and flag!

  23. Posted by: Debbie Jardin

    It’s your moral and faith values that is why I love following you and going to your concerts… yes I also love the music.
    We will see you in March in La Jolla (your August concert got rescheduled). So looking forward to it.

  24. Posted by: Anne

    Thanks Debbie! We are looking forward to the concerts in March!

  25. Posted by: AnneMarie

    I had to read this a second time. You do such a great job with your blogs.

  26. Posted by: Grace Dewey

    Hi Anne & Jim,

    Just had a chance to read this post and it speaks so true! Love the idea of a white flag. That makes more sense, if there is to be sense to any of the protests.

    Sure miss you all and hope that maybe, possibly, November in Buffalo may still be a go?! If not, see you in 2021! Also, liked the idea of an on line concert that someone suggested.

    Stay well,
    Grace Dewey

  27. Posted by: Anne

    We are still planning on Buffalo but it will be up to them to make the final decision. Fingers crossed! We are also looking into online concert ideas.

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