The time has finally arrived….. for our John Denver Group Cruise to Alaska!  We have a group of 50 people, and together we are going to see Alaska and sing John Denver songs!  Oh, we will probably do a lot of other things too….but I’ve covered the important stuff, lol.   When we come back, […]

We are very sad to tell you that Hank Deutschendorf passed away on June 14, 2017.  The details are easy to find on Facebook or Google – but here is the John Denver Connection: John’s  brother (Ron Deutschendorf) had twin boys, William and Hank.  Hank was named after Ron and John’s father, Henry “Dutch” Deutschendorf.  […]

The Tour Begins

6 June 2017

The Biggest News This Month is the ONLY News This Month….. …and it’s all about the tour.  We have been consumed with preparations:  preparations at home for leaving, preparations with the staff and crew at the concert halls in upcoming shows, hotel reservations, travel routes, packing, etc. etc. etc.  Once you finally get on the […]

Of Course, Spring is about Rebirth and Renewal…..   Poets and painters, songwriters, dreamers and gardeners are all inspired by the promise of spring.  The first flower buds that push up through the snow to announce the end of winter are photographed and posted on Facebook as encouragement to those still stuck in old man […]

Oh Canada!

29 March 2017

We just returned home from a 10 day tour in British Columbia, Canada, and a wonderful time was had by all!   It was a complicated trip, involving several various kinds of transportation and a lot of legal documents – but Diane and Jim worked hard, pre-planning every detail to make sure our travels went smoothly…and […]

A Word About The Nene

26 February 2017

Right now, Jim is in Hawaii… He’s been working on several different cruise ships, visiting ports in the Atlantic side: Puerto Rico, Panama, the Caribbean and the Keys.  Now he’s on the Pacific side, visiting ports in San Diego, Mexico and Hawaii.  While he is on each ship, he will perform his show with the […]

We were just talking to some friends… …about Jim’s experience as a sign painter.  We told them about this blog, published so long ago that it has been dropped from our website.  It’s time to revisit the story with this throwback blog:  March 2014 – Jim Curry at 20 Years Old…..found himself facing a tough […]

October 12, 2017 marks the 20th year after John Denver’s fatal plane crash over Monterey Bay in California…….  …and it’s been almost 17 years since our very first John Denver Tribute concert.  Our first official Tribute concert was held on Earth day, at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic garden in Claremont.  We made a lot […]

This will be my last blog before Christmas….. So, Jim and I wish you all the blessings of this holiday season!  Christmas is a wonderful time full of colors and music, and feelings of love and fellowship, most certainly my favorite time of the year. But…. as our “Rocky Mountain Christmas” show becomes more popular, […]


"As John Denver's former drummer and percussionist, working with Jim Curry has kept alive for me how it was playing with John. Jim has stayed true to John’s music and vision. It is a pleasure working with Jim and Anne Curry."

Richie Gajate Garcia
John Denver's Percussionist

"The physical resemblance is amazing: the voice is unbelievable. If John Denver were alive today, he'd want to hear his songs performed by Jim Curry."

Christina Chanes Nystrom
City News


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