Better Safe than Sorry

2 April 2020

An Empty WalMart in Mesquite, Nevada

I’ve been informed that mentioning the name of the virus can lead to possible censorship in social media…..I’m not sure why, what the heck? 

I don’t want to be censored so I won’t mention the name of the virus – better safe than sorry.

My last concert was 3 weeks ago …and it is unknown when I will return to the stage  – better safe than sorry.

I am getting used to standing 6 feet apart at the grocery store – (where I’m forced to go several more times a week than I usually do because they limit me to 2 pieces of meat per visit) – better safe than sorry

I’m learning to wash my hands twice as long as I usually do.  It wastes a lot of water but – better safe than sorry.

I was taught to cover every cough and sneeze with my hand. Years ago I had to relearn to cough in my elbow and now I have to relearn to cough into a tissue (which I still can’t buy at the store) and discard it right away – better safe than sorry.

To mask or not to mask?  Once the experts agree I will do that – better safe than sorry.

A friend of mine once told me that he preferred dangerous freedom over safe captivity.  We weren’t talking about a virus at the time (we were talking about cats) but it certainly fits the bill for us now.  No church, no gym, no parks, no travel no parties, no school, no gatherings and for some of us no work and no income….safe captivity. 

We can’t measure the risk because we don’t know the odds BUT we are not just risking our own lives, we are risking the lives of others. 

So do we comply?  


Better safe than sorry.

How are you all doing in isolation?  You can comment in the box below. Captchas are case sensitive and don’t put spaces in-between letters and numbers – I hope that helps, getting a lot of complaints about the captchas!


  1. Posted by: Margie Hoff

    Yessiree, Bob. Frustrating! When I looked forward to retirement, I had not the slightest clue that my first month would be in home detention. Well, it feels like that. Makes me almost wish I was still working. Almost.
    At least I have ample opportunity to finish packing up the house. Nothing else to do! So far, only dairy, canned goods and paper goods are limited in quantity. So far, meat is readily available most of the time.
    This too will pass. I just hope the freedoms aren’t gone forever, just to be safe!

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Margie, I hope so too….this is a good taste for all of us what it’s like to have our freedoms taken away and taken for granted. I’ve never wished for warm weather to come early, but in this case warm weather is what we need to help kill ALL the viruses. If we can take away anything from all this, maybe more people will be more diligent in their hand washing and personal hygiene. Stay well!!

  3. Posted by: CarolBaggs

    I’m complying with each new minute by minute change. I don’t like it of course I don’t know if any of us do, but it’s our New Normal and we’re going to have to adjust to survive. It’s been confirmed that it’s an AIRBORNE Virus. This is why it’s spreading so easily World Wide. Please wear your mask and gloves when you go out in public.
    I miss the Great Outdoors and all my wildlife critters out there. I miss attending concerts and traveling across our borders without being questioned as to where I am heading and who I’ll be seeing and for how long. I don’t like the self proclaimed Civilian Police force Lording over everyone who goes beyond their yards and criticizing our every move.
    I feel terrible for all those who have lost their jobs and still have bills to pay and mouths to feed. So many unanswered questions. All we can do is comply and hope for the best. Stay Safe. Stay healthy out there. Miss you all.

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Of course when this is all over there will be infinite discussion of what we should have done….but we are all trying to do what we think is best for now. I agree, some of this is over-the-top frustrating…but we ARE dealing with HUMAN beings? Right? Lol, we are difficult to control. Stay well! I think we are going to be seeing you up there soon (ish).

  5. Posted by: Shirley helmer

    Glad you guys are okay, make sure you stay that way. Sheltering in place and social distancing will hopefully keep us safe. Stay healthy.

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Shirley, we will try to stay healthy!!! We hope you are doing the same!

  7. Posted by: Tom Walters

    Do you know when tickets will go on sale for your Dec, 23 concert in Gilbert, AZ?

  8. Posted by: Anne

    Tom: I’m not sure when the tickets will go on sale in Gilbert – best to check with the Higley Center, I’ll post them on our website as soon as I know they are on sale.

  9. Posted by: Detra Morton

    We have tickets to the June concert in GREENSBORO NC at the Tanger Center
    Which has postponed its grand opening. But so hoping we can see you then
    If safe. We are always at your concerts if you perform within
    100 miles of here. So sorry you guys are side-lined right now but not safe to
    Travel. Hoping warmer weather will return us to normal.

  10. Posted by: Anne

    Detra: Thank you for attending our concerts! We are staying positive that things will be back to normal soon. As of now, our concert in Greensboro is going on as scheduled.

  11. Posted by: Karen McClune

    So glad to know you both are home and doing well.. We are fine and so is the family, although Davids sister died 2 weeks ago from the virus.. So sad, also glad the band etc were able to get home safely

    Stay well, and maybe we’ll see you again when we can

    love and hugs, Karen

  12. Posted by: Anne

    Karen: I am so sorry to hear about David’s sister – it puts everything into perspective as all other problems fade in comparison to losing a loved one. I think most everyone is trying to protect others by complying with the CDC recommendations for social distancing – and doing it with hopes that they will not experience a loss like yours. Stay well – looking forward to seeing you after all this craziness is over!

  13. Posted by: John Johnston

    Sigh. Hey, now that that house is done (and looks GREAT!), how about exploring an online Facebook concert like others are doing? You can pack some great John Denver stuff – even if it’s just you and Jim – into an hour!

    Hang in there. Go wash your hands.

  14. Posted by: Anne

    John: Great idea, but I’m too busy washing my hands…ha ha kidding. Lots of people have asked us to do a concert, we are thinking about it but still in catch-up mode right now. Thank you for the great suggestion!

  15. Posted by: Christina Torres

    I had tickets to see you in Temecula during my birthday week. Had seen your wonderful show before in SoCal and really looking forward to it. Even though it doesn’t show on your site as rescheduled or cancelled, City of Temecula just refunded me. Pretty sure most cancellations will run through at least June since the entire rest of the school year has been cancelled.
    I’m actually glad I retired at the end of last year with all this going on. Glad I’m growing some kale, broccoli and sugar snap peas in my yard to supplement the frozen and canned stuff I have. Was fortunate to go to early morning “senior” hours this past week at local grocery store and get 1 package of toilet paper. I have water filters and enough to get me through for at least 4 weeks at this point. Checking in on mom daily by phone, and neighbors and friends every few days. All in good spirits and trying to weather the storm by complying with stay at home orders for our safety and everyone elses. Stay well!

  16. Posted by: Anne

    Christina: Dang! Really? This is news for us, lol, such a weird way to find out your gig is cancelled! I guess they will let us know at some point – hopefully with available dates to reschedule. Yes, end of June might be a possibility but we were hoping to keep the June gigs. One of the first things we ate when we came home were the sugar snap peas that were growing in my garden! My goal is to someday be able to grow most of our produce, and wish our city would allow chickens so we could have a steady egg supply. This is good motivation. I think you are on to something in the end of your letter. We would all be pretty grumpy if we were told to stay at home to protect our health – where the situation changes is the concept that we are helping others by staying home…makes all the difference in attitude.

  17. Posted by: George W Kreager

    Dear folks,
    Sorry I did not think of your situation. Being a traveling road show
    and current situation. Stores across the country have been depleted
    locally in this area they were mostly barren. We have increased our
    stock a bit for the two of us we had over two week inventory.
    Glad your home, keep your head down. We are well as are Lois and Paul
    are doing fine. Looking for an appearance near us. We had a river cruise
    in Europe that was cancelled, fortunately we were able rebook it for
    next spring. We have a 21 day Vaandam cruise with Lois and Paul this
    fall. Boston to Fort Lauderdale, looking forward to that.
    Warmest regards & Love,
    George & Jan Kreager

  18. Posted by: Anne

    Hi George! I had a lot of people asking me about how this is affecting us so I wanted to try to outline how things went. I realize though, that many more people are in a very desperate situation with their income shut off, and some have little children to take care of too. We feel lucky in every way, but it’s funny that we were un-prepared for the empty shelves…. Glad to hear you and Jan and Paul and Lois are doing fine and looking forward to more cruises. That Boston to Ft.Lauderdale cruise doesn’t sound like a 21 day trip, are you going up to Quebec? That’s a great cruise!

  19. Posted by: Cindy Brooks

    I’m doing well here in Iowa. Warmer weather makes it so much easier to get out into the yard. I’m very happy that I have a yard and don’t live in the confined area of a condo or apartment. I haven’t had any problems getting things at the grocery store and am learning to shop my freezer. My youngest son works in the laboratory t the University Hospital and the VA and warned me about how bad this would be at the very beginning. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. I can’t imagine what it would have been without social distancing. Stay safe and healthy.

  20. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Cindy in Iowa! I’m glad it’s warming up, it’s still chilly in CA.. I never wish for warm weather (because it gets too warm!) but my doctor told me that this virus thrives up to 67 degrees and it’s only in the mid 50s here. Some warmer weather will help stop the virus. I think when we look back on this we will say that social distancing was the key to saving many lives. Stay well and good luck with the yard!!

  21. Posted by: Dalya

    Here in Chicago we are in the house a lot of the time. Thank goodness the weather is getting better and we can walk outside. Everyone is so respectful while walking. For example, you meet someone in the street – everyone waves and says “hi” even if we don’t know each other. We are seniors and most times the joggers or walkers near us deviate into the street or far away from us. It is so great to see everyone pulling together. You see nasty stories on the news because they are the exception. Most people are trying so hard to help and be positive.

    We wanted to do something to help, which has been what we always do, but realized we are in the most at-risk group, so we’re trying to do any helping from home.

    This will end, we will once again enjoy Jim and Anne and their extraordinary shows. But oh will we have stories to tell the little ones.

    Keep safe and healthy everyone.

  22. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Dalya, I’m glad you are getting better weather so you can get outside, not good to be cooped up too long! I agree with you, most people are trying to help and be positive. We are looking forward to seeing you again once this “thing” is over. Yes, we will have stories to tell!!

  23. Posted by: Debbie Jardin

    Stay well everyone. Your grandmother’s house looks fantastic! Great jog.
    I am still hoping that your concert will go on in La Jolla in August. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    For me I zoom with my ukulele buddies twice a week, learning to speak Spanish on Duolingo, doing jigsaw puzzles and reading, and yes watching lots and lots of movies.
    Take care everyone.

  24. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Debbie! Looks like you are busy with a lot of fun activities – yes we are catching up on a lot of movies and series too! So far our August shows are still intact – we will keep you informed!

  25. Posted by: Gary Hengst

    I was wondering how you guys were doing as I’ve got several local musician friends that are out of work. One gave a online concert yesterday – just because ! He can’t play his usual gigs anyhow! This way he can at least keep his calluses in good shape for when “things get back to normal”. I’m just afraid normal might turn out to be the “new normal” !
    Also, about the shopping I’ve found it’s a lot easier now. With so little to chose from you take what’s there or leave empty handed. I bought turkey baloney last week at Walmart since there was actually two packages there! Never tried it before and I’m still trying to get used to it but it does have protein I’m guessing ! And since they were out of bread I tricked them and went to the deli and bought their Italian fresh baked. Had to slice it myself but then I realized where the saying “greatest thing since sliced bread” came from !
    Anyhow, you two try to stay safe ! ( Um, I’m guessing under website I was supposed to put Anne’s Blog ? )

  26. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Gary! Yes shopping has become easier! We are staying busy, Jim is going to replace his finger calluses for hammer calluses…haha! He’s doing some remodeling and I’m excited to see it all coming together! We hope to see you in Texas this June if things open up by then. Stay safe!

  27. Posted by: Karen Chambers

    Here in New Jersey – one store had a limit of one paper good/customer (although they didn’t have any) and only 4 bags frozen veggies/customer (although they had tons). The next store had no frozen veggies or milk, but all the paper towels you want, unlimited. Third store had plenty of milk and veggies and no limits. Humans, am I right?! Next door in New York yesterday people died at a rate of 1 every 2 minutes. I am happy to stay home! My local hospital system requested that anybody able make and donate masks to the local hospitals – they are used as covers over the N95s so they last longer and are used by non-virus patients and staff. (I had not heard that thing about not mentioning the virus – I have posted about it on facebook with no issue.). So I got my YMCA involved and busy myself dropping fabric and elastic off to crafters and picking up finished masks. All with no contact and a bottle of homemade disinfectant. It helps to feel somehow useful. Anyway, from over here in the US epicenter – staying home is worth it!!!! Also, I started learning clogging via youtube!

  28. Posted by: Carolyn Robertson

    I have used this time to put the pictures I took on the wonderful Alaska cruse with you in 2017
    into an album. What a great trip, beautiful places and wonderful John Denver music

  29. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Carolyn! What a great way to spend some extra time!! We had so much fun on the cruise, it was a great trip with a great group!!!

  30. Posted by: AJ DEYOUNG

    Boo hoo, had our Temecula Orchestra tickets since December was treating friends for their anniversary, looked forward to your show there soooomuch, glad you are all good, hope they reschedule you guys there so can rebook, stay safe and well.

  31. Posted by: Anne

    Yes AJ! We are working with them to squeeze us in shomewhere! Check back – I’ll be sure to post it when we have the info.

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