Aspen in October 2019

2 August 2019

Some people are considering visiting Aspen for the very first time this year…..and we would like to help answer their questions or guide them to the events that evolve around John Denver week in Aspen.  Jim and I have been lucky enough to attend AIO (Aspen In October) several times – so hopefully we can help answer general questions or at the very least we can point people the right direction.

One thing to know in general, is that AIO is a grass-roots event, a fan based gathering generated and perpetuated by John Denver fans and friends.  Because of the spontaneous nature of AIO, there is no single entity in charge of organizing activities – but there are several groups that do their best to work together to coordinate events. 

Photo of Jim Curry performing at the 2018 event at Wheeler Opera House

Jim Curry will be performing as part of the 22nd Anniversary Musical Tribute to John Denver at the Wheeler Opera House on Saturday, Oct 12.  Jim will be joining John Denver band members Chris Nole and Alan Deremo, plus incredible vocalists Mack Bailey and Mollie Weaver PLUS the comedy stylings of Gary Muledeer!   


Whatever you decide to do, get your tickets early and make sure to leave plenty of time to see some of the important landmarks while you are in the area.  Don’t miss the John Denver Sanctuary and make time to visit Maroon Bells – one of the most photographed places in the world.  Dress in layers and take precautions to avoid altitude sickness!

Here is an outline of activities planned for AIO – Oct 9 thru Oct 14 2019:

Every Night, Oct 9-13    Sing Along  -at the Mountain Chalet

Wed, Oct 9   10:00am      Meet and Greet -at the John Denver Sanctuary

Wed, Oct 9  4:00pm    Aspen Meadow Band   -at the Mountain Chalet

Thurs, Oct 10   1:00pm     Dave Stratford -at the Mountain Chalet

Thurs, Oct 10  4:00pm    Aspen Meadow Band   -at the Mountain Chalet

Fri, Oct 11   11:30am   Jim Horn’s Adventures with John Denver  -at the Mountain Chalet

Fri, Oct 11   4:00pm    Chris Bannister  -location TBA

Fri, Oct 11    7:00pm   Ron Matthews -at the Mountain Chalet

Sat, Oct 12  12:00pm   4th Annual Singer/Songwriter Event  -at the Mountain Chalet

Sat Oct 12  4:00pm    Aspen Meadow Band   -at the Limelight Lodge

Sat Oct 12    7:30pm    22nd Anniversary Musical Tribute to John Denver   -at the Wheeler Opera House

Sun, Oct 13   11:00am   Pine Creek Cookhouse Concert/Luncheon w/Chris Collins & Friends

Sun, Oct 13   4:00pm   Jam at the Chapel – Chris Nole, Mack Bailey, Chris Bannister   -at the Aspen Chapel

Mon, Oct 14  10:00am     Good-bye Again     -at the John Denver Sanctuary

Here is the facebook AIO page for more detailed information:

Lastly, an article about AIO – 2019 from  “John Denver Music and Communication” in Germany:


  1. Posted by: John Laslo

    Wish I could make it to Aspen in October, but we already have other plans!

  2. Posted by: Anne

    John Laslo: Maybe some day we will see you there! Hope the plans you made are something fun!!!

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"It was one of the best programs we have had here and I hope you will come back up next year. The sound and look were perfect and my friends talked all night about how much enjoyment and sentiment your show gave us."

Bob Hartunian
Fawnskin, CA.

"I’ve been booking bands here for eleven years and yours was the first standing ovation! We want you back next year!"

Sherry Murphy
City of Dana Point, CA


2010-san-antonio-symphony-photo-by-barbara-thomas october-2007-jim-connor-and-james-burton-stop-for-a-photo-before-the-concert-photo-by-lance october-2007-jim-curry-john-stewart-and-jim-connor-rehearse-before-the-show-photo-by-lance midlandtx-noel-wagner-theater Jim Curry BW -with Guitar jim-curry-mountains