Anne (Finally) Tries Scrapple!

31 October 2019

For those of you who have been feverishly following my scrapple story from last September:


You can see the photo for proof, I dutifully took a picture of my plate. 

I don’t usually post pictures of my food but this was a big occasion after all.  I have been curious about scrapple since I saw it on a menu in Pennsylvania years ago (and the waitress talked me out of ordering it).  I’ve been looking for it in the grocery store but haven’t been able to find it.

While we were touring the Midwest last month, we stopped at a little Dutch kitchen in Ohio, and as soon as I saw scrapple on the menu I ordered it.  I already knew it would be a mistake to ask the waitress what it was or if I would like it….so I ordered it like a pro and waited eagerly for it to be placed ceremoniously in front of me.

Finally…..the elusive scrapple was set before me; two servings fried to a crispy golden brown and piping hot.

I was lucky that I wasn’t hungry.  Turns out that scrapple is a little bit like Spam (without Spam flavor).  The inside has a texture more like deviled ham (without deviled ham flavor).    Scrapple is served as a breakfast meat sort of like bacon (without bacon flavor) or ham (without ham flavor) so I might have enjoyed it mixed with a runny egg yolk to create a flavor.  If I had to assign a flavor to scrapple I would say, “lard and powdered liver” (mostly lard) with no spices, deceptively fried to perfection.  The eyes say YES! But the tongue says NO!!

I’m sorry to offend the scrapple-lovers out there, but I had to put scrapple on my personal list of “don’t eat” along with lutefisk and pickles (another vile food..….why do some restaurants automatically put them on your plate and pollute your sandwich with pickle juice?? WHY??)   We are lucky to have so many choices of food to eat (or refuse).  I’m glad to try something new, and happy to report that my near-death scrapple experience hasn’t traumatized me to the point where I couldn’t still try a taste of unfamiliar food if I see it on a menu.

Of course, I’ll report any new food experiences on the blog and I thank you all for going along with me on my adventures!!


  1. Posted by: Barbara Thomas

    “why do some restaurants automatically put them on your plate and pollute your sandwich with pickle juice?? WHY??)”
    I’m so happy to see this! I thought I was the only one who thought that. People act like – if you don’t like pickles, then just don’t eat them. Ha. I don’t WANT the juice on my food!! 😉

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Me too Barbara!! It’s not like you can just brush off the pickle juice!! Blech!!

  3. Posted by: Richard DULIN

    Can’t weight to see you At Pala

  4. Posted by: Anne

    We’ll be at Pala Casino SOON Richard!

  5. Posted by: Macfish

    Anne – it sounds as if you tasted a really bad example of Scrapple. The odds are that the venue was wrong. Scrapple is a deep South dish where it is cooked well and loved by many.
    If I am in the “right” part of the US and its on the menu I will have it any time. A good Scrapple dish would be slightly similar to sausage and enhanced by a variety of spices. The picture you show indicates that it was fried too long….

    If you ever try it again, do it in Georgia.

  6. Posted by: Anne

    Macfish – I will look for an opportunity to try it in Georgia -perhaps in fall of 2020, we will be back then. The scrapple I tried could have used more spices.

  7. Posted by: AJ DEYOUNG

    Cannot wait to see what your CHRISTMAS show at PALA, saw you EVERYTIME at PALA and book May 221 Temecula today, bringing dear friends to both, who have never seen your show and now I always send them your Newsletter…God bless and safe travels. My friends are doing Hawaii cruise this week on Holland America and wish you were on their cruise.

  8. Posted by: Anne

    AJ – We will do our best with the hour that Pala gives us! We are honored to be there and glad to share some Christmas tunes. Thanks for coming and bringing friends!!

  9. Posted by: AJ

    Where is the Oosterdsm going in January that you will perform OM? Thanks

  10. Posted by: Anne

    AJ – We are joining the Oosterdam in Puerto Vallarta and leaving in Puerto Caldera if that helps – I don’t know the rest of the itinerary but you can look it up on their website.

  11. Posted by: Mina Kirby

    Anne, my dad grew up in Virginia, and he loved scrapple. I am happy to say that I am eighty years old now and have never eaten that vile concoction. Glad to see that you survived the experience. I love your description!

    Love your shows too, as always.

  12. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Mirna, you should try it just once….many people have written to me and say that they like it! Maybe they are trying to pull a fast one on me, lol, I guess it worked! I tried it!

  13. Posted by: Russ Ligeikis

    Anne –

    I’m glad that you FINALLY tried it. You could have at least tried to convince yourself that it tastes like chicken (which it doesn’t, of course). I still wish we had more than two places in the South that serve it. BTW, I happen to love dill pickles, but admit that they have no place on a sandwich (other than a Big Mac or Whopper). I prefer them on the side since that way there is less mess.

  14. Posted by: Anne

    Exactly Russ!! That goes for sweet pickles too!

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