…And There Goes August

1 August 2020

So we just got final cancellations of our August shows and half of September.  Believe it or not, a couple of people have written to me asking if we were still on tour…..


We’ve been home “not on tour” since March.  There are no tours, no cruises, no theaters, no casinos, NOTHING allowed to be open or operate under normal conditions. 

I also heard that bands were afraid to leave home….


Is that possible?  It’s hard to believe that the very same people that would risk life and limb driving and flying all over the world in all kinds of bad weather would be afraid to leave home.   It’s a concept I didn’t think of and I’m not sure it’s true. 

As for Jim and myself:

We are not scared,

We are ready to go.

We will go when it’s safe for YOU.


  1. Posted by: Janice Pickartz

    And until then, we’ll all wait for you as well <3

  2. Posted by: Anne

    Not too long I hope Janice!!

  3. Posted by: Sue Barabas

    We are camping at a casino in Wisconsin and they had an outdoor drive in concert in the parking lot

  4. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Sue, That is a fantastic idea! I hope a lot of those are set up around the country!

  5. Posted by: AJ DEYOUNG

    I do not understand Pala, they are having concerts outdoors, spaced, charge $10 and $5 put back on card. So sorry this is happening to you guys and to our country, we need your music very much at this timeAJ DEYOUNG

  6. Posted by: Anne

    I think they are considering us for one of their outdoor concerts, I hope!! They asked our availability in October without explanation. I hope I’m guessing right!!

  7. Posted by: Carol Baggs

    This whole Pandemic is leaving me exhausted. The game plan constantly changes from day to day
    . The thing I miss most is being with my musically creative family.
    Music flowing around and inside of me. You can enjoy music in many ways, but it just doesn’t have the same effect as Live Music and being surrounded by your buds of like minds. I miss you guys so much, it hurts. Never thought I could miss anything so much, other than water with my Aquatic buds. It’s all such a slippery slope. I don’t mind wearing the mask out in Public and even keeping a respectful 6 ft apart, but people are taking this to the extreme. Attitudes have changed and sadly not for the better in most cases. I use to enjoy my walks. Rarely would come across anyone else and when I did it was a pleasant exchange, not hostile. People have nowhere else to go other than walk. Will we ever see some sort of normalcy again in our lives? Getting a lot done around the house, but there’s no Reward of Live Music after all is said and done. It’s gotten very uncomfortable. So, in the meanwhile I’ll continue to Crank Up my music as I drive down the road and sing along. Hugs to you all!M

  8. Posted by: Anne

    Hang in there Carol! We are all going through this, so my hope is that it will bring us together as human beings. We are coming back to the Admiral Theater so let’s kick this virus’ butt!!

  9. Posted by: Ann P

    I went to Aspen for a week in July, played JD music and Curry CDs for hours. Great driving songs. The JD Sanctuary looks beautiful.. Also went to Maroon Bells and up Snowmass Mtn.
    Aspen was busy as ever but everyone in masks. Sad to see The Wheeler closed.
    I sent you guys a postcard too!
    JD hugs, AP

  10. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Ann! Sounds like a great trip!! Thanks for sending a postcard and taking us along on your trip (via our cds, lol). All venues are closed, it’s so sad to see them empty and waiting.

  11. Posted by: Judi Green

    Miss you so much

  12. Posted by: Anne

    Awww….thanks Judi! Miss you too, stay safe!

  13. Posted by: Connie Martin

    I just finished watchng a PBS special about John Denver & it tughed at my heartstrings.
    It made me think we need his music more then ever these days.Maybe after November you can travel again.

  14. Posted by: Anne

    I sure hope so! Love those PBS John Denver specials!

  15. Posted by: Janetta Hall

    Like Rodgers-Hart said, “Keep a song in our hearts!” Music is truly a gift from God. May we get it back soon. Miss all the concerts and good times for sure, but your’s is one of my most favorite shows at the Candlelight Theater that I miss the most! Stay safe. Get those home projects finished and hopefully back on the “Country Roads!!!!!!!!”, Blessings, Janetta

  16. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Janetta! We sure will miss the Candlelight this year, it has become such an annual tradition for us! It’s been great to spend so much time at home, but we will be ready to get back out there when the time comes!

  17. Posted by: MAUREEN GARDNER

    Thanks for the update my friends. Really hope you stay well and really hope I might see you in November! Thanks fpr singing Poems,Prayers and Promises Jim-made my night!

  18. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Maureen, Jim says thank you! Hope to see you in November!

  19. Posted by: Linda Baron

    Hi Anne,

    Have you and Jim ever thought of writing an autobiography of your lives early on
    and leading into the journey as John Denver tribute artists?
    You know, how you both got involved with music in the early days, how you
    met and all the many adventures on the road (both good, funny things and bad too) – such
    as problems that you may have encountered in your travels, etc. on the road.
    I think a lot of people would enjoy such a book!

  20. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Linda, I used to think our adventures would make a good reality show!! I should probably start writing down some of our stories before I forget all the good stuff!!

  21. Posted by: David and Karen McClune

    Glad to know you are both safe We also are staying in

    Enjoy your time at home

    Love and hugs

    David and Karen.

  22. Posted by: Anne

    David and Karen: Thanks for the note, glad you are home safe.

  23. Posted by: AnneMarie Bolton

    Loved your newsletter. The sunflower banner and links to “Breathe” and “Poems, Prayers, and Promises”. Great Tributes.

  24. Posted by: Anne

    Hi AnneMarie! Thanks!

  25. Posted by: Mike Ryan

    We really miss you guys here in the Chicago area and wish you the best. Hope you are able to hit the road again soon and liven up this dull country. take care, God bless and y’all come back now, hear.

  26. Posted by: Anne

    Mike Ryan: I don’t know where your comment was hiding, but I just found it!! We do miss you all as much as you miss us! We hope to be in the Chicago area again real soon – our 2021 calendar is loading up – stay safe until then!

  27. Posted by: Mike Ryan

    We really miss you guys and are glad to hear that everyone is fine and hopeful of getting on the road again soon to liven up this dour country. Come on back to the Chicago area ASAP and best regards for continued good health and faith. God bless.

  28. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Mike – yes! We hope to see you soon!

  29. Posted by: Norman Ashby ( storming to my musical friends )

    Hi Annie & Jim & all band members,
    Just to let you know that things are getting better in the Charent maritme area of France I played at the first open mic night since lock down, A good response from musions and a fare size audience played and performed out side all acoustic with plenty of room between everyone I did miss my microphone but who cares at least we all got together!
    A young French boy asked if he could join in playing guitar with me on ” Proud Mary ” what fun that was and lifted up the evening no end.
    Keep safe everyone
    Peace be with you Storming Norman is from France.

  30. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Norman! I’m having difficulties replying to your emails (they bounce back to me) so I’m very glad you posted on the website! Glad to hear that you are able to get together and entertain folks with good music! Sounds like all is well in France!

  31. Posted by: Russ Ligeikis

    So Close, but so far away. On Friday night we sold the family home and will be way too busy as we try to pack up as little as we need, and find a new home. My SO is going through much the same thing with several offers on her house. We won’t be able to make the Toccoa concert this year. I hope y’all will be that way soon – or maybe to Walhalla, SC or Clemson, SC (at worst case, Greenville). We hope that you have a great rest of the season. Y’all definitely deserve it.

  32. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Russ! Moving is a big chore – take it easy!! We will see you on the road somewhere!

  33. Posted by: Debbie Jardin

    Anne, please continue sending the newsletters and your blog. I just enjoy hearing from you. I know you have many fans and cannot possibly know everyone but we come to know you and your family (personal and music).
    Have you thought of having an online concert? I would definitely pay to hear you guys even it it is from your back yard!

  34. Posted by: Anne

    I will keep up with the newsletter and the blog – thanks for the encouragement Debbie!

  35. Posted by: Miriam Van Raalte

    What about the possibility of a Zoom concert – I’d pay the usual to come, and with a password (and moderator to assure security), you could keep John’s music going even during these crazy times. I’d be happy to help.

  36. Posted by: Anne

    Thanks Miriam, we are looking into it!

  37. Posted by: Myrna Cakerice

    Loved “Poems, Prayers, and Promises” with the orchestra. Truly a treat!

  38. Posted by: Diane Butler

    We will be ready as soon as you can come out. We were looking at the symphony in Greenville

  39. Posted by: Aileen

    If Jim doesn’t want to stop doing home projects, we need four fence panels put in at the corner of our yard before we can put in a fire pit. I can’t find anyone in town to do it because everyone is hiring fencers (and landscapers) to do projects since they can’t go on vacation! I’ll even “let” you all christen the first campfire with song! I think of you and the band so often and pray that you can perform again soon. Until then…my offer stands, LOL.

  40. Posted by: Anne

    Many Thanks Aileen! I’ll keep you in mind if Jim runs out of things to do and starts getting antsy! Much love!

  41. Posted by: Anne

    Hi Aileen, as this pandemic drags on, your offer sounds better and better!! What would your request be for the first song to christen the campfire? Something from John Denver?

  42. Posted by: Margie Hoff

    House concert in Kingman, AZ?

  43. Posted by: Anne

    Margie, how many can you get in the living room with social distancing? Lol, maybe a campfire circle (a big one) outdoors?

  44. Posted by: Anne

    We will have to hook that up with the fence building project at Aileen’s house in Illinois! We hope you are enjoying your new digs in Kingman!

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"It was an amazing evening. We have had many different performers at our conferences; The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, Three Dog Night, America. Jim Curry ranks among these acts. I would book Jim and his band again in a heartbeat."

Daniel Young
Corporate Function, Keystone, CO

"It was a heavenly evening of beautiful music, a shining tribute to John Denver, one of which I believe Denver himself would salute."...

R.V. Hight
The Sanford Herald, Greensboro, NC


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