A John Denver Coloring Book?

26 November 2019

So, good news on the John Denver front, the official John Denver REALLY BIG coloring book is here! YAY!

Okay, I should probably be more excited, but I’m not.  On one hand, it’s always good to hear when the John Denver Estate comes out with a new collaboration (this is more like a COLOR-bration, haha!)  But on the other hand, I can’t help but be a little disappointed in that it’s for kids.

I’m always looking for memorabilia that I might be interested in for myself, a cool T shirt, new music, a serious book about John Denver’s accomplishments….something like that.  I shouldn’t be selfish though, I understand that John needs to be introduced to new generations and this looks like a good way to do it.

BUT…. This is definitely something for the kids and my kids are all grown up.  Oh well.  For those of you with kids that already know you are nuts for John Denver, this might be a good Christmas gift…the kind of gift that says, “I know my Grammy is Koo Koo over John Denver and she thinks I should be too” something like that.

The good news is that this is ‘official’ merchandise that has been licensed by the John Denver Estate – kudos to REALLY BIG COLORING BOOK Company!  Also, some of the proceeds are going to be donated to a charity (Conscious Alliance) dedicated to feeding hungry children…..an important thing to teach our youngsters. 

Thanks to Jermey Schmidt for telling me about this news! Of course I’ll have to get one and check it out.  Or maybe buy a few to donate to schools.  Or maybe buy a case of them to bring to our concerts….What are your ideas?

Here’s the link to purchase the book: https://www.coloringbook.com/john-denver-coloring-book.aspx

Here’s the Youtube link when Coloring Book Company announced the book last August:

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"It was a heavenly evening of beautiful music, a shining tribute to John Denver, one of which I believe Denver himself would salute."...

R.V. Hight
The Sanford Herald, Greensboro, NC

"The physical resemblance is amazing: the voice is unbelievable. If John Denver were alive today, he'd want to hear his songs performed by Jim Curry."

Christina Chanes Nystrom
City News


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